Rebellion to Riot: The Jamaican Church in Nation Building

Rebellion to Riot: The Jamaican Church in Nation Building

By Devon Dick
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Book Description

The Church’s contribution to the building of Jamaica as a nation and lobbying for the implementation of the necessary socio-political infrastructure of a healthy society has long been overlooked.

Rebellion to Riot addresses this oversight by showing how the Church, between 1865 and 1999, worked largely behind the scenes to bring economic empowerment and education to a previously enslaved people. The book also touches upon current issues such as the rampant violence and immorality faced by the society and outlines the Church’s drive to bring about justice, peace and values throughout the island.

Reverend Devon Dick’s narrative is well-balanced in that it does not seek to portray the Church in a positive light only. Like any other institution, the Church has its shortcomings, and Rebellion to Riot unflinchingly addresses these issues: the limited role that women were allowed to play, the Church’s tendency to shy away from any association with rebellions that brought about much needed social change and racism in the Church and the wider society.

Written in a style accessible to the general reader, the book is also enhanced with statistical data, reference notes and an extensive bibliography making it an important historical record, charting the evolution of the nation and the Jamaican Church.

Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER ONE: The Expanding Church
  • CHAPTER TWO: Economic Empowerment
  • CHAPTER THREE: Educating The Freed
  • CHAPTER FOUR: Evangelism and Values
  • CHAPTER FIVE: Politics, Violence, Justice & Peace
  • CHAPTER SIX: The Sins of the Church
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: The Future ThroughThe Door of the Past
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