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How To Enhance Your Mathematics Subject Knowledge: Number and Algebra for Secondary Teachers
Jemma Sherwood
How To Enhance Your Mathematics Subject Knowledge: Number and Algebra for Secondary Teachers
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Written by an award-winning teacher, this guide equips teachers with the depth of knowledge they need to talk confidently and competently about maths to students of all attainment levels - in short, to be an expert in secondary-level mathematical concepts, regardless of how recently they studied themselves, or their own subject specialism. How To Enhance Your Mathematics Subject Knowledge:

- Explores a broad range of the trickiest concepts and misconceptions in the number and algebra topics of secondary maths
- Packed with diagrams and questions to allow readers to check their own understanding of concepts
- Supports a mastery approach by laying bare the underlying architecture in Secondary maths, giving teachers the confidence to pass on that understanding to their students
- Builds on teachers' knowledge and experience, supporting them in answering those awkward but brilliant questions that crop up in class.

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Title Page
About the author
Mathematical timeline
1 Number I: Representing and working with numbers
1.1 Number systems, place value and accuracy
1.2 Calculations and number theory
1.3 Rational and irrational numbers
Quiz 1
2 Algebra I: Expressions, equations and graphs
2.1 Expressions and conventions
2.2 Linear equations and inequalities
2.3 Graphs, linearity and quadratics
2.4 Simultaneous equations
Quiz 2
3 Number II: Multiplicative thinking
3.1 Scaling and proportional thinking
3.2 Ratio
3.3 Direct and inverse proportion
3.4 Scientific forms
Quiz 3
4 Algebra II: Patterns and proving
4.1 Patterns and sequences
4.2 Functions and graphs
4.3 Proof
Quiz 4
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