Souvenir Album of the Great European War With Pictorial Maps of the Battlegrounds

Souvenir Album of the Great European War With Pictorial Maps of the Battlegrounds

By Anonymous
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Introduction.
  • French Cuirassiers Helping a Wounded Comrade at St. Quentin
  • The Terrible Turcos—Native Algerians in the French Army
  • Sharp Shooters of France
  • The Famous Scots Greys
  • The Grenadier Guards—British Veterans of the Boer War
  • British Field Artillery at the Marne
  • Canadian Troops Off for the War
  • Exhausted French Dragoons Camping in Village Street
  • German Field Artillery
  • The Famous 75 Millimeter French Guns at the Marne
  • French Hussars at Rouen
  • French Line Infantry Passing Monument of Napoleon
  • Terrible Uhlans
  • Feeding the Men in the Trenches—A German Field Bakery
  • The German Defense Against the Airship—Krupp Gun on Motor
  • Crack Austrian Regiment from Vienna
  • Cossacks—The Rough Riders of Russia
  • Russian Regulars on the March Through Galicia
  • The Black Watch
  • German Hussars in Brussels
  • England's Indian Regiment
  • A Detachment of the French Aviation Corps
  • One of Germany's Mammoth Zeppelins
  • Ready for the Uhlans—Belgian Armored Motor Cars
  • The Prussian Crown Prince's Regiment
  • British Artillery Embarking for France
  • Part of the Russian Steam Roller—One of the Czar's Crack Regiments
  • Canadian Royal Horse Artillery Mobilizing
  • The Surprise of the War—The New German Siege Gun
  • Belgian War Dogs
  • Military and Naval Statistics of the European Powers at the Outbreak of the War
  • Distances in Miles Between European Cities.
    • Distances in Miles Between European Cities (Continued)
    • SERVIA
    • RUSSIA
    • FRANCE
    • ITALY
  • The Effect of the War on Osborne Art Calendars for 1916
  • Transcriber Notes:
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