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A Level Advancing Biology for OCR Year 1 and AS Student Book (OCR B)
Michael Fisher
A Level Advancing Biology for OCR Year 1 and AS Student Book (OCR B)
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Exam Board: OCR
Level: A Level
Subject: Biology
First teaching: September 2015
First exams: June 2017

Written by curriculum and specification experts, this Student Book supports and extends students through the new course whilst delivering the breadth, depth, and skills needed to succeed in the new AS and beyond.

Front Cover
Title Page
AS/A Level course structure
How to use this book
Module 1 development of practical skills in biology
1 Cells and Microscopy
1.1 microscopy – the lightmicroscope
1.2 microscopy – the electron microscope
1.3 differential staining and blood smears
1.4 Cells of the blood
1.5 Counting cells
1.6 Cell ultrastructure
1.7 interrelationship of organelles
1.8 measuring cells and organelles
1.9 Cell membranes
1.10 passive movement across cell membranes
1.11 active movement across cell membranes
Chapter 1 practice questions
2 The importance of water
2.1 The properties of water
2.2 mammalian and plant biofluids
2.3 carbohydrates in cells and biofluids
2.4 Detecting and measuring carbohydrates
2.5 Detecting and measuring proteins
2.6 osmosis in cells
chapter 2 practice questions
3 Proteins and enzymes
3.1 amino acids – the building blocks of proteins
3.2 separation and identification of amino acids
3.3 Protein structure – haemoglobin
3.4 the structure of enzymes
3.5 Factors affecting enzyme controlled reactions
3.6 Blood clotting and enzymes
3.7 Preventing blood loss
3.8 enzymes in medicine
3.9 Blood donation
Chapter 3 Practice questions
4 Nucleic acids
4.1 Nucleotides and nucleic acids
4.2 Polynucleotides – DNA
4.3 semi-conservative DNA replication
4.4 The genetic code
4.5 Polynucleotides – RNA
4.6 Protein synthesis – transcription
4.7 Protein synthesis – translation
chapter 4 Practice questions
5 The heart and monitoring heart function
5.1 The heart
5.2 The cardiac cycle
5.3 monitoring the heart
5.4 using and interpreting an electrocardiogram
chapter 5 Practice questions
6 Transport systems inmammals and plants
6.1 The transport system inmammals
6.2 Blood pressure andtissue fluid
6.3 structure of vascular tissuein plants
6.4 Transport of water in plants
6.5 Factors affecting transpiration
6.6 Translocation
Chapter 6 practice questions
7 Mammalian gas exchange
7.1 The mammalian gasexchange system
7.2 Pulmonary ventilation
chapter 7 Practice questions
8 The developing cell
8.1 The cell cycle and mitosis
8.2 Mitosis
8.3 Apoptosis
8.4 Stem cells
Chapter 8 Practice questions
9 Meiosis, growth, anddevelopment
9.1 Meiosis
9.2 pregnancy and fetal development
9.3 Monitoring fetal development
Chapter 9 Practice questions
10 Evolution and classification
10.1 classification
10.2 Phylogeny
10.3 adaptation
10.4 adaptations in plants
10.5 Evolution
10.6 Biodiversity
Practice questions
11 Diseases
11.1 Communicable diseases
11.2 identifying and culturing bacteria
11.3 epidemiology
Practice questions
12 ImmunIty
12.1 the immune system
12.2 Antibodies and immunity
Practice questions
13 Communicable diseases
13.1 Controlling communicable diseases
13.2 Problems developing vaccines
13.3 antibiotics
Chapter 13 Practice questions
14 Non-communicable diseases
14.1 Non-communicable diseases
14.2 epidemiological evidence and cancer
14.3 cancer
14.4 detecting cancer
14.5 screening for cancer
14.6 Genetic tests for cancer
14.7 Treating cancer
Practice questions
15 Respiratory diseases
15.1 pollutants and lung disease
15.2 Medicinal drugs andclinical trials
Chapter 15 practice questions
Breadth of knowledge questions
Depth of knowledge questions
Back Cover
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