The Secret of the Ninth Planet

The Secret of the Ninth Planet

By Donald A. Wollheim
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Secret of the Ninth Planet
  • A Science Fiction Novel
    • Jacket design by James Heugh
    • Cecile Matschat, Editor Carl Carmer, Consulting Editor
    • THE JOHN C. WINSTON COMPANY Philadelphia Toronto
    • Copyright, 1959 By Donald A. Wollheim
    • Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 59-5328
    • Manufactured in the United States of America
    • For— Three denizens of this minor planet: Eleanor, Bill, and of course Janet.
  • Contents
  • The Mysterious Ninth World
  • The Secret of the Ninth Planet
  • Chapter 1. Special Delivery—by Guided Missile
  • Chapter 2. The Valley of Stolen Sunlight
  • Chapter 3. The Secret of A-G 17
  • Chapter 4. The Hidden Skyport
  • Chapter 5. Up the Rope of Space
  • Chapter 6. Sunward Ho!
  • Chapter 7. Hot Spot on Mercury
  • Chapter 8. The Veil of Venus
  • Chapter 9. The Ocean Primeval
  • Chapter 10. The Dying Planet
  • Chapter 11. Martians Don't Care
  • Chapter 12. At Rope's End
  • Chapter 13. The Pole of Callisto
  • Chapter 14. Rockets Away!
  • Chapter 15. Ice Cold on Oberon
  • Chapter 16. In Orbit Around Pluto
  • Chapter 17. Stronghold of the Lost Planet
  • Chapter 18. Sacrifice on the Sacred Moon
  • Chapter 19. The Museum of Galactic Life
  • About the Author
  • Other Winston Science Fiction Novels
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