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El Dorado
Baroness Orczy
El Dorado
El Dorado
Part I
I: In the Théâtre National
II: Widely Divergent Aims
III: The Demon Chance
IV: Mademoiselle Lange
V: The Temple Prison
VI: The Committee’s Agent
VII: The Most Precious Life in Europe
VIII: Arcades Ambo
IX: What Love Can Do
X: Shadows
XI: The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
XII: What Love Is
XIII: Then Everything Was Dark
XIV: The Chief
XV: The Gate of La Villette
XVI: The Weary Search
XVII: Chauvelin
XVIII: The Removal
XIX: It Is About the Dauphin
XX: The Certificate of Safety
XXI: Back to Paris
XXII: Of That There Could Be No Question
XXIII: The Overwhelming Odds
Part II
XXIV: The News
XXV: Paris Once More
XXVI: The Bitterest Foe
XXVII: In the Conciergerie
XXVIII: The Caged Lion
XXIX: For the Sake of That Helpless Innocent
XXX: Afterwards
XXXI: An Interlude
XXXII: Sisters
XXXIII: Little Mother
XXXIV: The Letter
Part III
XXXV: The Last Phase
XXXVI: Submission
XXXVII: Chauvelin’s Advice
XXXVIII: Capitulation
XXXIX: Kill Him!
XL: God Help Us All
XLI: When Hope Was Dead
XLII: The Guardhouse of the Rue Ste. Anne
XLIII: The Dreary Journey
XLIV: The Halt at Crècy
XLV: The Forest of Boulogne
XLVI: Others in the Park
XLVII: The Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre
XLVIII: The Waning Moon
XLIX: The Land of Eldorado
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