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The Adventures of Pinocchio
Carlo Collodi
The Adventures of Pinocchio

A wooden puppet comes to life and goes on adventures.

I: The Piece of Wood That Laughed and Cried Like a Child
II: Master Cherry Gives the Wood Away
III: Geppetto Names His Puppet Pinocchio
IV: The Talking Cricket Scolds Pinocchio
V: The Flying Egg
VI: Pinocchio’s Feet Burn to Cinders
VII: Geppetto Gives His Own Breakfast to Pinocchio
VIII: Geppetto Makes Pinocchio New Feet
IX: Pinocchio Goes to See a Puppet Show
X: The Puppets Recognize Their Brother Pinocchio
XI: Fire-Eater Sneezes and Pardons Pinocchio
XII: Pinocchio Receives a Present of Five Gold Pieces
XIII: The Inn of the Red Crawfish
XIV: Pinocchio Falls Amongst Assassins
XV: The Assassins Hang Pinocchio to the Big Oak
XVI: The Beautiful Child Rescues the Puppet
XVII: Pinocchio Will Not Take His Medicine
XVIII: Pinocchio Again Meets the Fox and the Cat
XIX: Pinocchio Is Robbed of His Money
XX: Pinocchio Starts Back to the Fairy’s House
XXI: Pinocchio Acts as Watch Dog
XXII: Pinocchio Discovers the Robbers
XXIII: Pinocchio Flies to the Seashore
XXIV: Pinocchio Finds the Fairy Again
XXV: Pinocchio Promises the Fairy to Be Good
XXVI: The Terrible Dog Fish
XXVII: Pinocchio Is Arrested by the Gendarmes
XXVIII: Pinocchio Escapes Being Fried Like a Fish
XXIX: He Returns to the Fairy’s House
XXX: The “Land of Boobies”
XXXI: Pinocchio Enjoys Five Months of Happiness
XXXII: Pinocchio Turns Into a Donkey
XXXIII: Pinocchio Is Trained for the Circus
XXXIV: Pinocchio Is Swallowed by the Dog Fish
XXXV: A Happy Surprise for Pinocchio
XXXVI: Pinocchio at Last Ceases to Be a Puppet and Becomes a Boy
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