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Little Dorrit
Charles Dickens
Little Dorrit

After returning home from a long period spent working in China, a man tries to assist a family forced to live in a debtor’s prison.

Preface to the 1857 Edition
Little Dorrit
Book I: Poverty
I: Sun and Shadow
II: Fellow Travellers
III: Home
IV: Mrs. Flintwinch Has a Dream
V: Family Affairs
VI: The Father of the Marshalsea
VII: The Child of the Marshalsea
VIII: The Lock
IX: Little Mother
X: Containing the Whole Science of Government
XI: Let Loose
XII: Bleeding Heart Yard
XIII: Patriarchal
XIV: Little Dorrit’s Party
XV: Mrs. Flintwinch Has Another Dream
XVI: Nobody’s Weakness
XVII: Nobody’s Rival
XVIII: Little Dorrit’s Lover
XIX: The Father of the Marshalsea in Two or Three Relations
XX: Moving in Society
XXI: Mr. Merdle’s Complaint
XXII: A Puzzle
XXIII: Machinery in Motion
XXIV: Fortune-Telling
XXV: Conspirators and Others
XXVI: Nobody’s State of Mind
XXVII: Five-and-Twenty
XXVIII: Nobody’s Disappearance
XXIX: Mrs. Flintwinch Goes on Dreaming
XXX: The Word of a Gentleman
XXXI: Spirit
XXXII: More Fortune-Telling
XXXIII: Mrs. Merdle’s Complaint
XXXIV: A Shoal of Barnacles
XXXV: What Was Behind Mr. Pancks on Little Dorrit’s Hand
XXXVI: The Marshalsea Becomes an Orphan
Book II: Riches
I: Fellow Travellers
II: Mrs. General
III: On the Road
IV: A Letter from Little Dorrit
V: Something Wrong Somewhere
VI: Something Right Somewhere
VII: Mostly, Prunes and Prism
VIII: The Dowager Mrs. Gowan Is Reminded That “It Never Does”
IX: Appearance and Disappearance
X: The Dreams of Mrs. Flintwinch Thicken
XI: A Letter from Little Dorrit
XII: In Which a Great Patriotic Conference Is Holden
XIII: The Progress of an Epidemic
XIV: Taking Advice
XV: No Just Cause or Impediment Why These Two Persons Should Not Be Joined Together
XVI: Getting On
XVII: Missing
XVIII: A Castle in the Air
XIX: The Storming of the Castle in the Air
XX: Introduces the Next
XXI: The History of a Self-Tormentor
XXII: Who Passes by This Road So Late?
XXIII: Mistress Affery Makes a Conditional Promise, Respecting Her Dreams
XXIV: The Evening of a Long Day
XXV: The Chief Butler Resigns the Seals of Office
XXVI: Reaping the Whirlwind
XXVII: The Pupil of the Marshalsea
XXVIII: An Appearance in the Marshalsea
XXIX: A Plea in the Marshalsea
XXX: Closing In
XXXI: Closed
XXXII: Going
XXXIII: Going!
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