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The Mill on the Floss
George Eliot
The Mill on the Floss

The lives of two young people are thrown into disarray when their father, the owner of a mill, is bankrupted by an unwise legal dispute.

Book I: Boy and Girl
I: Outside Dorlcote Mill
II: Mr. Tulliver, of Dorlcote Mill, Declares His Resolution About Tom
III: Mr. Riley Gives His Advice Concerning a School for Tom
IV: Tom Is Expected
V: Tom Comes Home
VI: The Aunts and Uncles Are Coming
VII: Enter the Aunts and Uncles
VIII: Mr. Tulliver Shows His Weaker Side
IX: To Garum Firs
X: Maggie Behaves Worse Than She Expected
XI: Maggie Tries to Run Away from Her Shadow
XII: Mr. and Mrs. Glegg at Home
XIII: Mr. Tulliver Further Entangles the Skein of Life
Book II: School-Time
I: Tom’s “First Half”
II: The Christmas Holidays
III: The New Schoolfellow
IV: “The Young Idea”
V: Maggie’s Second Visit
VI: A Love-Scene
VII: The Golden Gates Are Passed
Book III: The Downfall
I: What Had Happened at Home
II: Mrs. Tulliver’s Teraphim, or Household Gods
III: The Family Council
IV: A Vanishing Gleam
V: Tom Applies His Knife to the Oyster
VI: Tending to Refute the Popular Prejudice Against the Present of a Pocketknife
VII: How a Hen Takes to Stratagem
VIII: Daylight on the Wreck
IX: An Item Added to the Family Register
Book IV: The Valley of Humiliation
I: A Variation of Protestantism Unknown to Bossuet
II: The Torn Nest Is Pierced by the Thorns
III: A Voice from the Past
Book V: Wheat and Tares
I: In the Red Deeps
II: Aunt Glegg Learns the Breadth of Bob’s Thumb
III: The Wavering Balance
IV: Another Love-Scene
V: The Cloven Tree
VI: The Hard-Won Triumph
VII: A Day of Reckoning
Book VI: The Great Temptation
I: A Duet in Paradise
II: First Impressions
III: Confidential Moments
IV: Brother and Sister
V: Showing That Tom Had Opened the Oyster
VI: Illustrating the Laws of Attraction
VII: Philip Re-Enters
VIII: Wakem in a New Light
IX: Charity in Full-Dress
X: The Spell Seems Broken
XI: In the Lane
XII: A Family Party
XIII: Borne Along by the Tide
XIV: Waking
Book VII: The Final Rescue
I: The Return to the Mill
II: St. Ogg’s Passes Judgment
III: Showing That Old Acquaintances Are Capable of Surprising Us
IV: Maggie and Lucy
V: The Last Conflict
VI: Conclusion
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