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Verses on Various Occasions
John Henry Newman
Verses on Various Occasions

A collection of poems by John Henry Newman.

Verses on Various Occasions
I: Solitude
II: My Birthday
III: Paraphrase of Isaiah 64
IV: To F. W. N.
V: Nature and Art
VI: Introduction to an Album
VII: Snapdragon
VIII: The Trance of Time
IX: Consolations in Bereavement
X: A Picture
XI: My Lady Nature and Her Daughters
XII: Opusculum
XIII: A Voice from Afar
XIV: The Hidden Ones
XV: Thanksgiving
XVI: Monks
XVII: Epiphany-Eve
XVIII: The Winter Flower
XIX: Kind Remembrances
XX: Seeds in the Air
XXI: The Pilgrim
XXII: Home
XXIII: The Brand of Cain
XXIV: Zeal and Love
XXV: Persecution
XXVI: Zeal and Purity
XXVII: The Gift of Preserverance
XXVIII: The Sign of the Cross
XXIX: Bondage
XXX: The Scars of Sin
XXXI: Angelic Guidance
XXXII: Substance and Shadow
XXXIII: Wanderings
XXXIV: The Saint and the Hero
XXXV: Private Judgment
XXXVI: The Watchman
XXXVII: The Isles of the Sirens
XXXVIII: Absolution
XXXIX: Memory
XL: The Haven
XLI: A Word in Season
XLII: Fair Words
XLIII: England
XLIV: Moses
XLV: The Patient Church
XLVI: Jeremiah
XLVII: Penance
XLVIII: The Course of Truth
XLIX: Christmas Without Christ
L: Sleeplessness
LI: Abraham
LII: The Greek Fathers
LIII: The Witness
LIV: The Death of Moses
LV: Melchizedek
LVI: Corcyra
LVII: Transfiguration
LVIII: Behind the Veil
LIX: Judgment
LX: Sensitiveness
LXI: David and Jonathan
LXII: Humiliation
LXIII: The Call of David
LXIV: A Blight
LXV: Joseph
LXVI: Superstition
LXVII: Isaac
LXVIII: Reverses
LXIX: Hope
LXX: St. Paul at Melita
LXXI: Messina
LXXII: Warnings
LXXIII: Dreams
LXXIV: Temptation
LXXV: Our Future
LXXVI: Heathenism
LXXVII: Taormini
LXXVIII: Sympathy
LXXIX: Relics of Saints
LXXX: Day-Labourers
LXXXI: Warfare
LXXXII: Sacrilege
LXXXIII: Liberalism
LXXXIV: Declension
LXXXV: The Age to Come
LXXXVI: External Religion
LXXXVII: St. Gregory Nazianzen
LXXXVIII: The Good Samaritan
LXXXIX: Reverence
XC: The Pillar of the Cloud
XCI: Samaria
XCII: Jonah
XCIII: Faith Against Sight
XCIV: Desolation
XCV: Zeal and Patience
XCVI: The Religion of Cain
XCVII: St. Paul
XCVIII: Flowers Without Fruit
XCIX: Zeal and Meekness
C: Vexations
CI: The Church in Prayer
CII: The Wrath to Come
CIII: Pusillanimity
CIV: James and John
CV: Hora Novissima
CVI: Progress of Unbelief
CVII: Consolation
CVIII: Uzzah and Obed-Edom
CIX: The Gift of Tongues
CX: The Power of Prayer
CXI: Semita Justorum
CXII: The Elements
CXIII: Apostacy
CXIV: Judaism
CXV: Separation of Friends
CXVI: The Priestly Office
CXVII: Morning
CXVIII: Evening
CXIX: A Hermitage
CXX: The Married and the Single
CXXI: Intercession of the Saints
CXXII: Waiting for the Morning
CXXIII: Matins—Sunday
CXXIV: Matins—Sunday
CXXV: Matins—Monday
CXXVI: Matins—Tuesday
CXXVII: Matins—Wednesday
CXXVIII: Matins—Thursday
CXXIX: Matins—Friday
CXXX: Matins—Saturday
CXXXI: Lauds—Sunday
CXXXII: Lauds—Sunday
CXXXIII: Lauds—Monday
CXXXIV: Lauds—Tuesday
CXXXV: Lauds—Wednesday
CXXXVI: Lauds—Thursday
CXXXVII: Lauds—Friday
CXXXVIII: Lauds—Saturday
CXL: Terce
CXLI: Sext
CXLIII: Vespers—Sunday
CXLIV: Vespers—Monday
CXLV: Vespers—Tuesday
CXLVI: Vespers—Wednesday
CXLVII: Vespers—Thursday
CXLVIII: Vespers—Friday
CXLIX: Vespers—Saturday
CL: Compline
CLI: Advent—Vespers
CLII: Advent—Matins
CLIII: Advent—Lauds
CLIV: The Transfiguration—Matins
CLV: The Transfiguration—Lauds
CLVI: For a Martyr
CLVII: For a Confessor Bishop
CLVIII: Ethelwald
CLIX: Candlemas
CLX: The Pilgrim Queen
CLXI: The Month of Mary
CLXII: The Queen of Seasons
CLXIII: Valentine to a Little Girl
CLXIV: St. Philip Neri in His Mission
CLXV: St. Philip in Himself
CLXVI: St. Philip in His God
CLXVII: Guardian Angel
CLXVIII: The Golden Prison
CLXIX: Heathen Greece
CLXX: A Martyr Convert
CLXXI: St. Philip in His School
CLXXII: St. Philip in His Disciples
CLXXIII: For the Dead
CLXXIV: To Edward Caswall
CLXXV: The Two Worlds
CLXXVI: St. Michael
CLXXVII: Prologus in Phormionem
CLXXVIII: The Dream of Gerontius
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