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Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
Mark Twain
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

A fictional biography of Joan of Arc from her early teenage years to her martyrdom.

Translator’s Preface
A Peculiarity of Joan of Arc’s History
The Sieur Louis de Conte to His Great-Great-Grand Nephews and Nieces
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
Book I: In Domremy
I: When Wolves Ran Free in Paris
II: The Fairy Tree of Domremy
III: All Aflame with Love of France
IV: Joan Tames the Mad Man
V: Domremy Pillaged and Burned
VI: Joan and Archangel Michael
VII: She Delivers the Divine Command
VIII: Why the Scorners Relented
Book II: In Court and Camp
I: Joan Says Goodbye
II: The Governor Speeds Joan
III: The Paladin Groans and Boasts
IV: Joan Leads Us Through the Enemy
V: We Pierce the Last Ambuscades
VI: Joan Convinces the King
VII: Our Paladin in His Glory
VIII: Joan Persuades Her Inquisitors
IX: She Is Made General-in-Chief
X: The Maid’s Sword and Banner
XI: The War March Is Begun
XII: Joan Puts Heart in Her Army
XIII: Checked by the Folly of the Wise
XIV: What the English Answered
XV: My Exquisite Poem Goes to Smash
XVI: The Finding of the Dwarf
XVII: Sweet Fruit of Bitter Truth
XVIII: Joan’s First Battlefield
XIX: We Burst in Upon Ghosts
XX: Joan Makes Cowards Brave Victors
XXI: She Gently Reproves Her Dear Friend
XXII: The Fate of France Decided
XXIII: Joan Inspires the Tawdry King
XXIV: Tinsel Trappings of Nobility
XXV: At Last—Forward!
XXVI: The Last Doubts Scattered
XXVII: How Joan Took Jargeau
XXVIII: Joan Foretells Her Doom
XXIX: Fierce Talbot Reconsiders
XXX: The Red Field of Patay
XXXI: France Begins to Live Again
XXXII: The Joyous News Flies Fast
XXXIII: Joan’s Five Great Deeds
XXXIV: The Jests of the Burgundians
XXXV: The Heir of France Is Crowned
XXXVI: Joan Hears News from Home
XXXVII: Again to Arms
XXXVIII: The King Cries “Forward!”
XXXIX: We Win, but the King Balks
XL: Treachery Conquers Joan
XLI: The Maid Will March No More
Book III: Trial and Martyrdom
I: The Maid in Chains
II: Joan Sold to the English
III: Weaving the Net About Her
IV: All Ready to Condemn
V: Fifty Experts Against a Novice
VI: The Maid Baffles Her Persecutors
VII: Craft That Was in Vain
VIII: Joan Tells of Her Visions
IX: Her Sure Deliverance Foretold
X: The Inquisitors at Their Wits’ End
XI: The Court Reorganized for Assassination
XII: Joan’s Masterstroke Diverted
XIII: The Third Trial Fails
XIV: Joan Struggles with Her Twelve Lies
XV: Undaunted by Threat of Burning
XVI: Joan Stands Defiant Before the Rack
XVII: Supreme in Direst Peril
XVIII: Condemned Yet Unafraid
XIX: Our Last Hopes of Rescue Fail
XX: The Betrayal
XXI: Respited Only for Torture
XXII: Joan Gives the Fatal Answer
XXIII: The Time Is at Hand
XXIV: Joan the Martyr
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