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On a Chinese Screen
W. Somerset Maugham
On a Chinese Screen

A collection of short vignettes about the people and places W. Somerset Maugham encountered during his travels along the Yangtze River in 1919–20.

On a Chinese Screen
I: The Rising of the Curtain
II: My Lady’s Parlour
III: The Mongol Chief
IV: The Rolling Stone
V: The Cabinet Minister
VI: Dinner Parties
I: Legation Quarter
II: At a Treaty Port
VII: The Altar of Heaven
VIII: The Servants of God
IX: The Inn
X: The Glory Hole
XI: Fear
XII: The Picture
XIII: Her Britannic Majesty’s Representative
XIV: The Opium Den
XV: The Last Chance
XVI: The Nun
XVII: Henderson
XIX: The Point of Honour
XX: The Beast of Burden
XXI: Dr. Macalister
XXII: The Road
XXIII: God’s Truth
XXIV: Romance
XXV: The Grand Style
XXVI: Rain
XXVII: Sullivan
XXVIII: The Dining-Room
XXIX: Arabesque
XXX: The Consul
XXXI: The Stripling
XXXII: The Fannings
XXXIII: The Song of the River
XXXIV: Mirage
XXXV: The Stranger
XXXVI: Democracy
XXXVII: The Seventh Day Adventist
XXXVIII: The Philosopher
XXXIX: The Missionary Lady
XL: A Game of Billiards
XLI: The Skipper
XLII: The Sights of Town
XLIII: Nightfall
XLIV: The Normal Man
XLV: The Old Timer
XLVI: The Plain
XLVII: Failure
XLVIII: A Student of the Drama
XLIX: The Taipan
L: Metempsychosis
LI: The Fragment
LII: One of the Best
LIII: The Sea-Dog
LIV: The Question
LV: The Sinologue
LVI: The Vice-Consul
LVII: A City Built on a Rock
LVIII: A Libation to the Gods
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