Essential Teaching Skills Fifth Edition Ebook

Essential Teaching Skills Fifth Edition Ebook

By Chris Kyriacou
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Book Description

Chris Kyriacou's classic introduction to teaching skills has been a staple for teachers for over two decades. Covering a wealth of professional and pedagogic skills, it provides authoritative guidance on the nitty-gritty of teaching - making it a trusted resource that readers return to. This new edition has been fully updated to take account of important developments in education policy, teaching skills and classroom practice, evidence-based teaching, and assessment
practices, as well as different routes into the profession.

The concise format covers a wide range of skills and issues. You will be expertly guided through developments in classroom dialogue, assessment practices, pastoral care, using social media and e-learning, behaviour management, special educational needs and disabilities, inclusive teaching, and school data systems. The 5th edition also expands its coverage of effective mentoring and the need to continue developing professionally.

Practical and compact, Essential Teaching Skills is ideal for both students and experienced teachers wishing to explore their own practice, as well as teacher mentors helping others to develop their teaching skills. It underpins real-world guidance with up-to-date research findings, creating an authoritative, usable guide which is relevant to today's busy professional teachers and trainees.

Table of Contents
  • About the author
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • 1) Teaching skills
    • The nature of teaching skills
    • Studies of teaching skills
    • Defining and identifying essential teaching skills
    • Further reading
  • 2) Developing skills
    • Monitoring your own teaching
    • Professional development
    • Further reading
  • 3) Planning and preparation
    • The elements of planning and preparation
    • The purposes and functions of planning
    • Lesson planning
    • Lesson preparation
    • Further reading
  • 4) Lesson presentation
    • The teacher’s manner
    • Teacher talk activities
    • Academic tasks
    • Teaching styles and learning styles
    • Matching work to pupil ability and needs
    • Using resources and materials
    • Further reading
  • 5) Lesson management
    • Beginnings, transitions and endings
    • Maintaining pupils’ involvement
    • Handling the logistics of classroom life
    • Managing pupil movement and noise
    • Further reading
  • 6) Classroom climate
    • Establishing a positive classroom climate
    • Motivating pupils
    • Your relationships with pupils
    • Enhancing pupils’ self-esteem
    • Mentoring your pupils
    • Classroom appearance and composition
    • Further reading
  • 7) Behaviour management
    • The nature of pupil misbehaviour
    • Establishing your authority
    • Pre-empting pupil misbehaviour
    • Investigating and counselling
    • Using reprimands
    • Using punishments
    • Dealing with confrontations
    • Other strategies
    • Strategies for when discipline is lost
    • Further reading
  • 8) Assessing pupils’ progress
    • The purposes of assessment
    • Types of assessment
    • Assessment activities in the classroom
    • Carrying out assessment activities
    • Marking, recording and reporting
    • Further reading
  • 9) Reflection
    • Reflective teaching
    • Mentoring
    • Collecting data about your current practice
    • Teacher appraisal
    • Further reading
  • 10) Self-management
    • Managing your time
    • Dealing with stress
    • Further reading
  • Bibliography
  • Author index
  • Subject index
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