California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book Selected Mexican and Spanish Recipes
Bertha Haffner-Ginger
California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book Selected Mexican and Spanish Recipes
California Mexican-Spanish Cook Book
"Ensaladas Espanol" (Spanish salads)
Prepared Vinegar for Spanish Salad Dressing
Especially Prepared Dressings
Spanish Dressing No. 1
Spanish Dressing No. 2
Spanish Salad Dressing No. 3
Spanish Salad, Avacado (Aligator Pear)
Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Spanish Sweet Pepper Salad
Spanish Bean Salad
Spanish Tomato and Egg Salad
Stuffed Tomato Salad
Spanish California Ripe Olive Salad
Spanish Moulded Salad
Spanish Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Spanish Cabbage Salad
Rice Salad
Sopa Espanol (Spanish Soups)
Sopa de Frijoles (Bean Soup)
Spanish Meat Balls
Sopa de Papas (Potato Soup)
Spanish Hot Vegetable Broth
Spanish Fish Chowder
Modern Way to Prepare Corn for Tortilla and Tamales
Tortillas No. 2
Tortillas No. 3
Tortillas No. 4
How to Shape Tortillas
Enchiladas, No. 1 (Very fine)
Enchiladas No. 2
Chile Pulp and Sauces for all Recipes
No. 1, Red Chile Sauce, for Enchiladas or Tamales, etc.
No. 2, Green Chile Sauce for Enchiladas or Tamales, etc.
Prepared Spanish Sauce
Pickles and Relishes
Spanish Pickle
Green Chile Relish, No. 1
Red Chile Relish, No. 2
Chile Con Carne
Mexican Red Hot Chile Con Carne
Chicken Giblet Chile
Chile Con Carne (Mild)
Chile Con Carne
Chicken Chile
Chile Con Carne
Chicken Tamales
Tamale Pie
Beef Tamales
Eggs Espanol (Eggs Cooked Spanish)
Spanish Omelet (Supreme)
Spanish Stuffed Tomato Omelet
Eggs in Chile Blankets
Spanish Sausage Omelet
Spanish Creamed Eggs
Mexican Scrambled Eggs in Chile
Pimiento Egg
Spanish Eggs in Peppers
Spanish Eggs, Shirred
"Carne Espanol" (Spanish Meats)
Spanish Steak (Elegante)
Spanish Steak (Economical)
Flank Steak, Spanish
Spanish Pork Tenderloin Cutlets
Mexican Meat Cakes
Spanish Meat Cakes (Delicious)
Mexican Meat Dumplings
Spanish Beef Stew
Mexican Chicken Meat Balls
Spanish Fish Stew
Spanish Baked Fish
Spanish Fried Fish
Spanish Hash
Spanish Curry Hash
Spanish Stewed Rabbit
Spanish Chicken Stew
Spanish Style Stuffed Chicken
Spanish Baked Chicken En Casserole
Spanish Dressing for Chicken or Turkey
Spanish Tripe
Frijoles (Spanish Beans)
How to Cook Beans
Frijoles (Bean) Sauce
Spanish Mashed Baked Beans
Spanish Beans Au Gratin
Arroz a la Espanol (Spanish Rice)
How to Cook Rice
Spanish Rice—Mint Flavor
Spanish Rice
Spanish Rice au Gratin
Green Peppers With Rice
Spanish Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed Chile Pepper
Spanish Stuffed Sweet Peppers
Sweet Spanish Peppers With Sardines
Spanish Cheese and Pepper Fritters
Chiles Stuffed With Cheese
Spanish Onion
Spanish Onions
Spanish Stuffed Potatoes
Mexican Baked Macaroni or Spaghetti
Calabasas (Summer Squash)
Spanish Cheese Fingers
Mexican Sandwiches
Spanish Brown Cake
Spanish Chocolate Cake
Mexican Candy
List of Mexican Supplies in Mexican Stores
Classification of Recipes
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