India's Love Lyrics

By Laurence Hope
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • "Less than the Dust"
  • "To the Unattainable"
  • "In the Early, Pearly Morning":
  • Reverie of Mahomed Akram at the Tamarind Tank
  • Verses
  • Song of Khan Zada
  • The Teak Forest
  • Valgovind's Boat Song
  • Kashmiri Song by Juma
  • Zira: in Captivity
  • Marriage Thoughts: by Morsellin Khan
  • To the Unattainable:
  • Mahomed Akram's Appeal to the Stars
  • Reminiscence of Mahomed Akram
  • Story by Lalla-ji, the Priest
  • Request
  • Story of Udaipore:
  • Valgovind's Song in the Spring
  • Youth
  • When Love is Over
  • "Golden Eyes"
  • Kotri, by the River
  • Farewell
  • Afridi Love
  • Yasmini
  • Ojira, to Her Lover
  • Thoughts: Mahomed Akram
  • Prayer
  • The Aloe
  • Memory
  • The First Lover
  • Khan Zada's Song on the Hillside
  • Deserted Gipsy's Song: Hillside Camp
  • The Plains
  • "Lost Delight"
  • Unforgotten
  • Song of Faiz Ulla
  • Story of Lilavanti
  • The Garden by the Bridge
  • Fate Knows no Tears
  • Verses: Faiz Ulla
  • Two Songs by Sitara, of Kashmir
  • Palm Trees by the Sea
  • Song by Gulbaz
  • Kashmiri Song
  • Reverie of Ormuz the Persian
  • Sunstroke
  • Adoration
  • Three Songs of Zahir-u-Din
  • The Regret of the Ranee in the Hall of Peacocks
  • Protest: By Zahir-u-Din
  • Famine Song
  • The Window Overlooking the Harbour
  • Back to the Border
  • Reverie: Zahir-u-Din
  • Sea Song
  • To the Hills!
  • Till I Wake
  • His Rubies: Told by Valgovind
  • Song of Taj Mahomed
  • The Garden of Kama:
  • Camp Follower's Song, Gomal River
  • Song of the Colours: by Taj Mahomed
  • Lalila, to the Ferengi Lover
  • On the City Wall
  • "Love Lightly"
  • No Rival Like the Past
  • Verse by Taj Mahomed
  • Lines by Taj Mahomed
  • There is no Breeze to Cool the Heat of Love
  • Malay Song
  • The Temple Dancing Girl
  • Hira-Singh's Farewell to Burmah
  • Starlight
  • Sampan Song
  • Song of the Devoted Slave
  • The Singer
  • Malaria
  • Fancy
  • Feroza
  • This Month the Almonds Bloom at Kandahar
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