Ian Randle Publishers
Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance.
Yanique Hume and Aaron Kamugisha
Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance.
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Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance examines the Caribbean popular – an idea that has been an important and contested terrain for exploring the dynamic and oftentimes subversive cultural expressions of the region. The Caribbean popular arts, whether embodied in the hybrid musical genres or vernacular performance and festival traditions, have historically provided a space for social and political critique, the performance of visibility and also articulations of a temporal emancipatory ethos with its attendant acquisition of power and status. Beyond the spaces of their local/regional enactments and the social realities out of which they emerged and continue to circulate, Caribbean popular culture has over time contributed to contemporary understandings of global and diasporic cultures and, at the same time, the dynamics of inter-cultural encounters. The terrain of the popular has been a generative site for the study of Caribbean societies, and has produced enduring theoretical postulations that have been pivotal to the shaping of the intellectual production on the Caribbean. It is also the most powerful force that socializes contemporary Caribbean citizens into an understanding of their identities, the limits of their citizenship, and the meaning of their worlds.

Publishers’ Acknowledgements
Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance – An Introduction
Framing the Popular
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Sylvia Wynter
Notes on Deconstructing ‘The Popular’
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Rogelio Martínez Furé
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Hilary Beckles
Erotic Maroonage: Embodying Emancipation in Jamaican Dancehall Culture
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The Calypsonian as Artist: Freedom and Responsibility
Gordon Rohlehr
Language and Orality
Poetry and Knowledge
Aimé Césaire
History of the Voice: The Development of Nation Language in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry (excerpt)
Kamau Brathwaite
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Édouard Glissant
Joking: The Training of the Man-of-Words in Talking Broad
Roger Abrahams
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Velma Pollard
Discourse on the Logic of Language
Marlene Nourbese Philip
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Michael Smith
The Caribbean Sacred Arts
Thrones of the Orichas: Afro-Cuban Altars in New Jersey, New York, and Havana
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Without One Ritual Note: Folklore Performance and the Haitian State, 1935–1946
Kate Ramsey
Atis Rezistans: Gede and the Art of Vagabondaj
Katherine Smith
From the Stage to the Grave: Exploring Celebrity Funerals in Dancehall Culture
Donna P. Hope
Muñecas and Memoryscapes: Negotiating Identity and Understanding History in Cuban Espiritismo
Carrie Viarnés
From Bush to Stage: The Shifting Performing Geography of Haitian Rara and Cuban Gagá
Yanique Hume
Visuality and the Caribbean Imaginary
The Evidence of Things Not Photographed: Slavery and Historical Memory in the British West Indies
Krista Thompson
Curating Carnival? Performance in Contemporary Caribbean Art and the Paradox of Performance Art in Contemporary Art
Claire Tancons
From Mythologies to Realities: The Iconography of Ras Daniel Heartman
Intuitive Art as a Canon
Veerle Poupeye
Africa, the West and the Analogy of Culture: The Cinematic Text after Man
Sylvia Wynter
Caribbean Masquerade and Festival Politics
The Invention of Traditional Mas and the Politics of Gender
Pamela R. Franco
Rara in New York City: Transnational Popular Culture
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Performing Religion: Folklore Performance, Carnaval and Festival in Cuba
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Surviving Secularization: Masking The Spirit in the Jankunu (John Canoe) Festivals of the Caribbean
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The Carriacou Mas’ as “Syncretic Artifact”
Music and Popular Consciousness
On Interpreting Popular Music: Zouk in the West Indies
Jocelyne Guilbault
States of Emergency: Reggae Representations of the Jamaican Nation State
Nadi Edwards
Anraje to Angaje: Carnival Politics and Music in Haiti
Gage Averill
Black Music in a Raceless Society: Afrocuban Folklore and Socialism
Love, Sex, and Gender
Deborah Pacini Hernández
Transnational Soca Performances, Gendered Re-Narrations of Caribbean Nationalism
Susan Harewood
Timba Brava: Maroon Music in Cuba
Umi Vaughan
The Caribbean Creative
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Keith Nurse
Globalisation and Commercialisation of Caribbean Music
Mike Alleyne
Literary Arts and Book Publishing in the Anglophone Caribbean
Suzanne Burke
Development, “Culture,” and the Promise of Modern Progress
Deborah A. Thomas
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