Science Advice to NASA: Conflict, Consensus, Partnership, Leadership
Joseph K. Alexander
Science Advice to NASA: Conflict, Consensus, Partnership, Leadership
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This book documents highlights of NASA's interactions with outside scientific advisors over the agency's full lifetime and draws lessons from that history for research managers, decision makers, and scientists.The book is divided into three parts--the first two being focused on history and the third on synthesis and analysis. Part 1 briefly examines early forerunner activities at NACA and in the decade leading up to NASA's formation, and it then considers NASA's use of outside advice during its first three decades. Part 2 picks up the story in 1988 and follows it up to 2016. Part 3 examines a sampling of case studies, discusses recurring characteristics of notably successful advisory activities, and provides a glimpse at what past experience might imply for the future of scientific advice at NASA. The last two chapters provide big-picture summaries of themes that have emerged from earlier discussions.

Table of Contents
Part I. The First Three Decades
CHAPTER 1. Advisory Precedents before NASA
CHAPTER 2. The Space Science Board Goes to Work
CHAPTER 3. NASA’s Internal Advisory Committees
CHAPTER 4. Congress Weighs in on Advice — The Federal Advisory Committee Act
CHAPTER 5. The NASA Advisory Council and Its Committees
CHAPTER 6. The Advisory Environment in the 1980s: A Critical Assessment
Part II. Advice in NASA’s Second Three Decades
CHAPTER 7. NASA Creates Its Own Strategic Plan
CHAPTER 8. Congress Issues a Mandate — The Government Performance and Results Act
CHAPTER 9. Congress Drops Another Shoe —The NRC Gets Its Own FACA Section
CHAPTER 10. NASA Senior Reviews
CHAPTER 11. Expansion of NRC Decadal Surveys and Performance Reviews
CHAPTER 12. A NASA Advisory Council under Stress
CHAPTER 13. Comparing NASA’s Advisory Culture with Other Agencies
CHAPTER 14. Revisiting the Advisory Ecosystem
Part III. Assessment and a Look into the Future
CHAPTER 15. Case Studies: Advice Requested by NASA
CHAPTER 16. Case Studies: Advice Initiated from Outside NASA
CHAPTER 17. Assessing the Impacts of Advisory Activities: What Makes Advice Effective
CHAPTER 18. Assessing the Differences between Internal and External Committees
CHAPTER 19. The Big Picture — Lessons Learned
CHAPTER 20. The Big Picture — Future Challenges
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