Oxford University Press
Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Secrets of the Universe
Mike Goldsmith
Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Secrets of the Universe
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This is the second title in the important new series from Oxford which provides accessible introductions to the ideas, facts, and vocabulary behind an absorbing range of subjects. Meticulously researched and authoritative but written in simple language by experts in their fields, curious young readers will quickly get to grips with the basic principles and terminology of each subject.

The Secrets of the Universe explains, in clear and interesting way, the theories of the beginning of the Universe, what it is, how it works, the lives of stars, and possible futures. The engaging design highlights the Heroes of the subject from early beginnings to modern day and explains tricky terminology in 'Speak like a Scientist' features. Comic strips and illustrations, amazing photographs, and a timeline, glossary and, index, all make this handy-sized book the perfect
way to learn.

If you love this title, why not collect them all? The Secrets of the Universe is part of a collectible set which will build into a diverse range of subjects.

Chapter 1. What is the Universe?
Chapter 2. Discovering the Universe
Chapter 3. Studying Space
Chapter 4. The Universe's Biggest Secret
Chapter 5. The Lives of the Stars
Chapter 6. Our Place in the Universe
Chapter 7. Since the Beginning
Chapter 8. The End of the Universe
Chapter 9. Cosmic Mysteries
Distances from Earth
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