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P. G. Wodehouse

A boy’s adventures in public school are filled with cricket, colorful characters, and a great deal of fun at the expense of authoritarian school masters.

I: Mike
II: The Journey Down
III: Mike Finds a Friendly Native
IV: At the Nets
V: Revelry by Night
VI: In Which a Tight Corner Is Evaded
VII: In Which Mike Is Discussed
VIII: A Row with the Town
IX: Before the Storm
X: The Great Picnic
XI: The Conclusion of the Picnic
XII: Mike Gets His Chance
XIII: The M.C.C. Match
XIV: A Slight Imbroglio
XV: Mike Creates a Vacancy
XVI: An Expert Examination
XVII: Another Vacancy
XVIII: Bob Has News to Impart
XIX: Mike Goes to Sleep Again
XX: The Team Is Filled Up
XXI: Marjory the Frank
XXII: Wyatt Is Reminded of an Engagement
XXIII: A Surprise for Mr. Appleby
XXIV: Caught
XXV: Marching Orders
XXVI: The Aftermath
XXVII: The Ripton Match
XXVIII: Mike Wins Home
XXIX: Wyatt Again
XXX: Mr. Jackson Makes Up His Mind
XXXI: Sedleigh
XXXII: Psmith
XXXIII: Staking Out a Claim
XXXIV: Guerilla Warfare
XXXV: Unpleasantness in the Small Hours
XXXVI: Adair
XXXVII: Mike Finds Occupation
XXXVIII: The Fire Brigade Meeting
XXXIX: Achilles Leaves His Tent
XL: The Match with Downing’s
XLI: The Singular Behavior of Jellicoe
XLII: Jellicoe Goes on the Sick-List
XLIII: Mike Recieves a Commission
XLIV: And Fulfils It
XLV: Pursuit
XLVI: The Decoration of Sammy
XLVII: Mr. Downing on the Scent
XLVIII: The Sleuthhound
XLIX: A Check
L: The Destroyer of Evidence
LI: Mainly About Boots
LII: On the Trail Again
LIII: The Kettle Method
LIV: Adair Has a Word with Mike
LV: Clearing the Air
LVI: In Which Peace Is Declared
LVII: Mr. Downing Moves
LVIII: The Artist Claims His Work
LIX: Sedleigh v. Wrykyn
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