Poems Teachers Ask For, Book Two

By Various
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    • BOOK TWO
      • (An Index of First Lines is given on pages 209-213)
    • BOOK TWO
    • Home
    • The House with Nobody In It
    • Color in the Wheat
    • The Broken Pinion
    • Jamie Douglas
    • The Ensign Bearer
    • The Real Riches
    • The Polish Boy
    • The Height of the Ridiculous
    • Excelsior
    • The Bivouac of the Dead
    • Children
    • The Eve of Waterloo
      • (The battle of Waterloo occurred June 18, 1815)
    • The Land Where Hate Should Die
    • Trouble In the "Amen Corner"
    • Duty
    • The Last Leaf
    • Old Flag Forever
    • The Death of the Flowers
    • The Heritage
    • The Ballad of East and West
    • Annabel Lee
    • April Showers
    • The Voice of Spring
    • The Boys
    • The Rainy Day
    • Let Me Walk With the Men in the Road
    • If We Understood
    • A Laugh in Church
    • "One, Two, Three!"
    • Unawares
    • The Land of Beginning Again
    • Poor Little Joe
    • The Ladder of St. Augustine
    • Loss and Gain
    • John Thompson's Daughter
      • (A Parody on "Lord Ullin's Daughter")
    • Grandfather's Clock
    • A Cradle Hymn
    • If All the Skies
    • The Petrified Fern
    • Cleon and I
    • Washington
    • Towser Shall Be Tied To-Night
      • A Parody on "Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight."
    • Law and Liberty
    • His Mother's Song
    • When Father Carves the Duck
    • Papa's Letter
    • Who Stole the Bird's Nest?
    • Over the Hill from the Poor-House
    • "'Specially Jim"
    • O'Grady's Goat
    • The Burial of Moses
      • "And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor; but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day."
    • Nobody's Child
    • A Christmas Long Ago
    • Nearer Home
    • The Minuet
    • The Vagabonds
    • The Isle of Long Ago
    • The Dying Newsboy
    • Break, Break, Break
    • Don't Kill the Birds
    • Bill's in the Legislature
    • The Bridge Builder
    • Song of Marion's Men
    • The Minstrel-Boy
    • Our Homestead
    • The Ballad of the Tempest
    • Santa Filomena
    • The Knight's Toast
    • The Old Man Dreams
    • Washington's Birthday
    • April! April! Are You Here?
    • A Laughing Chorus
    • The Courtin'
    • An Old Man's Dreams
    • God's Message to Men
    • The Sandman
    • Ring Out, Wild Bells
    • The Wishing Bridge
    • The Things Divine
    • Mothers of Men
    • Echo
    • Life, I Know Not What Thou Art
    • Autumn Leaves
    • A Message for the Year
    • Song of the Chattahoochee
      • Used by special permission of the publishers, Charles Scribner's Sons.
    • Courting in Kentucky
    • God's Will is Best
    • The School-Master's Guests
    • Mother o' Mine
    • Encouragement
    • The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
    • Aux Italiens
      • * A line in the opera "II Trovatore" meaning "Do not forget me."
    • My Prairies
    • Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead
      • (From "The Princess")
    • September
    • The Old Kitchen Floor
    • Rustic Courtship
    • The Red Jacket
    • John Maynard
    • Piller Fights
    • Little Bateese
    • Conscience and Future Judgment
    • Dandelion
    • The Inventor's Wife
    • Out in the Snow
    • Give Them the Flowers Now
    • The Lost Occasion
      • (Written in memory of Daniel Webster.)
    • The Flower of Liberty
    • The Lamb
    • The Roll Call
    • A Prayer for a Little Home
    • I Have Drank My Last Glass
    • Highland Mary
    • A Night with a Wolf
    • She Was a Phantom of Delight
    • The Rhodora
      • (On Being Asked Whence Is The Flower)
    • There Was a Boy
    • The Quangle Wangle's Hat
    • The Singing Leaves
    • Awakening
    • Wolsey's Farewell to His Greatness
      • (From "King Henry VIII")
    • The Newsboy
    • Parting of Marmion and Douglas
    • The Engineer's Story
    • Small Beginnings
    • Rain on the Roof
    • Gunga Din
    • Warren's Address to the American Soldiers
      • (Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775)
    • Mad River
    • When Papa Was a Boy
    • Which Shall It Be?
    • The Battle of Bunker's Hill
    • Health and Wealth
    • The Heartening
    • Billy's Rose
    • The Old Actor's Story
    • The Boy Who Didn't Pass
    • The Station-Master's Story
    • Hark, Hark! the Lark
      • (From "Cymbeline")
    • Tommy's Prayer
    • The Two Pictures
    • The Two Kinds of People
    • The Sin of Omission
    • The Bible My Mother Gave Me
    • Lincoln, the Man of the People
    • Our Own
    • How Salvator Won
    • I Got to Go to School
    • With Little Boy Blue
      • (Written after the death of Eugene Field.)
    • The Charge of Pickett's Brigade
    • Hullo
    • The Women of Mumbles Head
    • The Fireman's Story
    • Little Willie's Hearing
    • The Service Flag
    • Flying Jim's Last Leap
      • (The hero of this tale had once been a famous trapeze performer.)
    • Betty and the Bear
    • The Graves of a Household
    • The Babie
    • A Legend of the Northland
    • How Did You Die?
    • The Children
    • The King and the Child
    • Try, Try Again
    • Indian Names
    • More Cruel Than War
    • Columbus
    • The September Gale
    • When My Ship Comes In
    • Solitude
    • Sin of the Coppenter Man
    • The Bells of Ostend
    • You Put No Flowers on My Papa's Grave
    • The Two Little Stockings
    • I Have a Rendezvous with Death
    • Let Us Be Kind
    • The Water Mill
    • Why the Dog's Nose Is Always Cold
    • The African Chief
    • He Who Has Vision
      • Where there is no vision the people perish.—Prov. 29:17.
    • The Children We Keep
    • The Stranger on the Sill
    • The Old Man In the Model Church
    • The Volunteer Organist
    • The Finding of the Lyre
    • The High Tide (1571)
      • (Or "The Brides of Enderby")
    • September Days
    • The New Year
    • An "If" For Girls
      • (With apologies to Mr. Rudyard Kipling.)
    • Boy and Girl of Plymouth
    • Work: A Song of Triumph
    • Reply to "A Woman's Question"
      • ("A Woman's Question" is given on page 129 of Book I, "Poems Teachers Ask For.")
    • The Romance of Nick Van Stann
    • Armageddon
    • Picciola
    • The King's Ring
    • Leaving the Homestead
    • Bernardo Del Carpio
    • Mizpah
    • God
    • Casabianca
    • Monterey
    • The Teacher's "If"
    • The Good Shepherd
    • A Sermon in Rhyme
    • The Fortunate Isles
    • What the Choir Sang About the New Bonnet
    • Work Thou for Pleasure
    • The Tin Gee Gee
    • "Tommy"
    • The Mystic Weaver
    • The Mortgage on the Farm
    • The Legend Beautiful
    • Somebody's Darling
    • The Pride of Battery B
    • The Wood-Box
    • Inasmuch
    • No Sects in Heaven
    • The Railroad Crossing
    • The Sunset City
    • Autumn
      • A DIRGE
    • Grandmother's Quilt
    • The Two Angels
    • The Witch's Daughter
    • David's Lament for Absalom
    • Christmas Day in the Workhouse
    • Our Presidents—A Memory Rhyme
    • Annie and Willie's Prayer
    • Trailing Arbutus
    • When the Light Goes Out
    • Prayer and Potatoes
    • The Parts of Speech
    • A New Leaf
    • The Boy With the Hoe
    • Our Flag
    • The Little Fir-Trees
    • He Worried About It
    • The President
    • Lullaby
    • Chums
    • Jim Brady's Big Brother
    • The Gray Swan
    • The Circling Year
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