Introducing the American Spirit

Introducing the American Spirit

By Edward A. Steiner
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Introducing The American Spirit
  • Introducing the Introduction
  • I The Herr Director Meets the American Spirit
  • II Our National Creed
  • III The Spirit Out-of-Doors
  • IV The Spirit at Lake Mohonk
  • V Lobster and Mince Pie
  • VI The Herr Director and the “Missoury” Spirit
  • VII The Herr Director and the College Spirit
  • VIII The Russian Soul and the American Spirit
  • IX Chicago
  • X Where the Spirit is Young
  • XI The American Spirit Among the Mormons
  • XII The California Confession of Faith
  • XIII The Grinnell Spirit
  • XIV The Commencement and The End
  • XV The Challenge of the American Spirit
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