My Heart's Desire - The Exhortations of A Loving Wife

My Heart's Desire - The Exhortations of A Loving Wife

By Sylvia M Dallas
US$ 3.99
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Book Description

The author demonstrates the Grace given to stay in her covenanted relationship despite challenges that abound. A loving wife who encourages her husband in the Lord.

'We have been invited into the deep and personal happenings in the writer's life and marriage, the struggles that sometimes goes on in her heart, when her will says "Yes Lord" even if her emotions are saying "oh no, not this time." We see how words aptly spoken become a tool of grace rather than a weapon of emasculation' - Apostle Wayne Palmer (Author: Firm Foundation - Christian Discipleship Manual)

Table of Contents
  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • My Favorite Days
  • Rebellion In The House
  • Your Identity
  • The Day We Said "I Do"
  • There is Greatness In You
  • My Favorite Person
  • Anything Is Not Anything
  • A More Excellent Way
  • Be of Good Courage
  • It's OK To Be Different
  • You Were Made To Run With Chariots
  • I Will Not Grab You By The Secrets
  • I Will Not Walk In Unrighteousness With You
  • You ARE Worthy of My Love
  • Your Worth Is Not Based On Your Past
  • The Half-Empty Gas Cylinder
  • The Pittance vs The Abundance
  • Your Pearls Of Wisdom
  • Whom My Soul Lovest
  • I Cannot Know If You Do Not Tell Me
  • About the Author
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