Under the Flag of France A Tale of Bertrand du Guesclin

Under the Flag of France A Tale of Bertrand du Guesclin

By David Ker
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Under the Flag of France
  • CHAPTER I The Broken Bough
  • CHAPTER II Facing a Monster
  • CHAPTER III A Mysterious Message
  • CHAPTER IV Bertrand’s Dream
  • CHAPTER V A Timely Rescue
  • CHAPTER VI Mighty to Strike
  • CHAPTER VII A Strange Tale
  • CHAPTER VIII Lance to Lance
  • CHAPTER IX Into the Dragon’s Jaws
  • CHAPTER X The Wages of Judas
  • CHAPTER XI A Midnight Battle
  • CHAPTER XII Crowning an Enemy
  • CHAPTER XIII A Red Stain
  • CHAPTER XIV The Black Death
  • CHAPTER XV A Night Alarm
  • CHAPTER XVI The Boldest Deed of All
  • CHAPTER XVII The Haunted Circle
  • CHAPTER XVIII A Phantom Warrior
  • CHAPTER XIX In a Robber Camp
  • CHAPTER XX Doomed
  • CHAPTER XXI The Black Wolf
  • CHAPTER XXII A Clever Stratagem
  • CHAPTER XXIII Possessed Swine
  • CHAPTER XXIV Through the Darkness
  • CHAPTER XXV A Case of Conscience
  • CHAPTER XXVI Crescent and Cross
  • CHAPTER XXVII An Astounding Revelation
  • CHAPTER XXVIII Plot and Counter-plot
  • CHAPTER XXIX Treachery
  • CHAPTER XXX A Village Festival
  • CHAPTER XXXI A Strange Meeting
  • CHAPTER XXXII News of an Old Friend
  • CHAPTER XXXIII The Last Sunset
  • Transcriber's Notes
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