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Barriers Burned Away
Edward Payson Roe
Barriers Burned Away

A hard-working but down-on-his-luck young man falls in love with a wealthy but non-believing woman, against the backdrop of pre-Fire Chicago.

Preface to the First Edition
Barriers Burned Away
I: Love Unknown
II: Love Known
III: Launched
IV: Cold Water
V: A Hornet’s Nest
VI: “Starve Then!”
VII: A Good Samaritan
VIII: Yahcob Bunk
IX: Land at Last
X: The New Broom
XI: Too Much Alike
XII: Blue Blood
XIII: Very Cold
XIV: She Speaks to Him
XV: Promoted
XVI: Just in Time
XVII: Rescued
XVIII: Miss Ludolph Makes a Discovery
XIX: What Is the Matter with Him?
XX: Is He a Gentleman?
XXI: Christine’s Idea of Christians
XXII: Equal to an Emergency
XXIII: The Revelation
XXIV: Night Thoughts
XXV: Darkness
XXVI: Miss Ludolph Commits a Theft
XXVII: A Miserable Triumph
XXVIII: Life Without Love
XXIX: Dennis’s Love Put to Practical Use
XXX: The Two Heights
XXXI: Beguiled
XXXII: Bitter Disappointment
XXXIII: The Two Pictures
XXXIV: Regret
XXXV: Remorse
XXXVI: An Apparition
XXXVII: If He Knew!
XXXVIII: The Gates Open
XXXIX: Susie Winthrop Appears Again
XL: Suggestive Pictures and a Prize
XLI: Fire! Fire!
XLII: Baron Ludolph Learns the Truth
XLIII: “Christine, Awake! For Your Life!”
XLIV: On the Beach
XLV: “Prayer Is Mighty”—Christine a Christian
XLVI: Christine’s Grave
XLVII: Susie Winthrop
XLVIII: Doctor Arten Struck by Lightning
XLIX: Bill Cronk’s Toast
L: Every Barrier Burned Away
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