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Fifty Days Afire
Michael A. Grant
Sports & Outdoors
Fifty Days Afire
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The story of the fifty greatest sprint performances by Jamaican athletes.

1. Genesis: Three Fast Months in Goshen
2. A Giant Stride You Can Feel
3. Three Singlets, Four Runners
4. Famous Last Words
5. The Devil You Know
6. Two World Records on Saturday. Four Medals on Sunday?
7. Fast. Vulnerable. Seventeen.
8. ¡Cali-Ente!
9. Too Fast, At Last!
10. When the Facts Become Legend, Print It All
11. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
12. Grace Amazing
13. Merlene Ottey Comes Storming Through! …
14. Linings of Silver
15. Two Times, For All Time
16. A Splitting of Hairs
17. “Bronze Queen” No More
18. Ten Barriers to Glory
19. The Speed Paradigm Shifts to Jamaica
20. Two Hundreds: One Forgotten, One That Never Was
21. Cat’s Out Of The Bag – And Uncatchable
22. Forty-One Strides of Iyara
23. The Talaria of Gold
24. 1+2+2= 3 Sweep
25. Melaine Gets Over
26. It Nah Go Normal!
27. Gold At Last For Brigitte
28. Dislike The Event, Win It Again
29. Twice Is Nice Indoors
30. The Understudy Takes The Stage
31. To Win, You’ll Need A World Record
32. Who Is Danielle Williams?
33. Four the Hard Way
34. A Quest For The Olympic Triple Triple
35. McLeod’s The Man
36. Breaking The Fourth Wall
37. ’Dog Beats Chalk
38. The Reign of Elaine II
39. The Far Horizon Closes In
40. This Child Shall Lead Them
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