Animal Analogues: Verses and Illustrations

Animal Analogues: Verses and Illustrations

By Robert Williams Wood
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Animal—— ——Analogues.
  • Contents.
  • The Bee. The Beet. The Beetle.
  • The Ant. The Pheas-ant.
  • The Bunny. The Tunny.
  • The Eel. The Eelephant.
  • The Puss. The Octo-pus.
  • The Gnu. The Newt.
  • The Hare. The Harrier.
  • The Pipe-fish. The Sea-gar.
  • The Cow. The Cowry.
  • The Doe. The Dodo.
  • The Ray. The Raven.
  • The Coot. The Bandicoot.
  • The Ape. The Grape.
  • The Elk. The Whelk.
  • Cross Bill. Sweet William.
  • The Pitcher Plant. The Fly-Catcher.
  • The Antelope. The Cantelope.
  • The P-Cock. The Q-Cumber.
  • The Pen-guin. The Sword-fish.
  • The Yellow-Hammer. The Saw-Fish.
  • The Pansy. The Chim-pansy.
  • Naught. Nautilus.
  • Author's Add-end-'em.
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