The Philippine Islands

The Philippine Islands

By Ramon Reyes Lala
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents.
  • Illustrations.
  • Introduction.
  • Preface.
  • Early History of the Islands.
    • Discovery and Conquest.
    • Adventures of Juan Sebastian Elcano.
    • Legaspi, the First Governor-General.
    • Li-ma-hong, the Chinese Pirate.
    • The Dutch Appear upon the Scene.
    • The Japanese, and the Martyred Saints.
  • The British Occupation.
    • General Draper’s Expedition.
    • The British Demand an Indemnity.
    • Intrigues Against the British.
  • The Spanish Colonial Government.
    • The Encomiendoros and the Alcaldes.
    • The Present Division and Administration.
    • The Taxes and What Became of Them.
    • Dilatory and Abortive Courts.
    • A New Yorker’s Experience.
  • The Church in the Colony.
    • Priesthood and the People.
    • Conflicts Between Church and State.
    • Clashings among the Friars.
    • The Monks Opposed to Reform.
  • The Various Tribes of the Philippines.
    • Character of the Natives.
    • A Native Wedding.
    • Dress and Manners.
    • The Half-breeds, or Mestizos.
    • Savage Tribes in the Interior: Aetas, or Negritos.
    • The Gaddanes.
    • The Igorrotes.
    • The Igorrote-Chinese.
    • The Tinguianes.
    • The Chinese: Hated but Indispensable.
  • The Mohammedans of Sulu.
    • Cross or Crescent?
    • The Sultan’s State.
    • The Dreaded Juramentados.
    • The Extent of Mohammedan Rule.
    • Sulu Customs.
  • Manila.
    • The Old City.
    • Binondo and the Suburbs.
    • Educational and Charitable Institutions.
    • The Cathedral and the Governor-General’s Palace.
    • The Beautiful Luneta: the Sea-boulevard.
  • Other Important Cities and Towns.
    • Iloilo, Capital of the Province of Panay.
    • Cebú: a Mecca for Many Filipinos.
    • General Topography of the Islands.
  • Natural Beauty of the Archipelago.
    • A Botanist’s Paradise.
    • A Diadem of Island Gems.
    • The Magnificence of Tropical Scenery.
    • The Promise of the Future.
  • A Village Feast.
    • The Morning Ceremonies.
    • How the Afternoon is Spent.
    • The Evening Procession.
    • The Entertainment at Home.
    • The Moro-Moro, and the Fireworks.
  • History of Commerce in the Philippines.
    • The Spanish Policy.
    • The Treasure-galleons.
    • Disasters to Spanish Commerce.
    • Other Nations Enter Into Competition.
    • Fraud and Speculation.
    • The Merchants of Cádiz.
    • Royal Restrictions on Trade.
  • Commerce During the Present Century.
    • The Royal Company.
    • The Restrictions Are Gradually Abolished.
    • Vexatious Duties on Foreign Imports.
    • Duties Made Uniform.
    • Spanish Opposition to Foreign Trade.
    • Trade with the Natives.
    • The Decline of American Trade.
    • Recent Measures and Statistics.
    • Bad Result of Spanish Rule.
  • Agriculture: The Sugar and Rice Crops.
    • Agriculture—The Chief Industry.
    • The Principal Products of the Colony.
    • The Cultivation of Sugar-cane.
    • Methods of Manufacturing Sugar.
    • The Several Systems of Labor.
    • The Rice Crop.
    • Methods of Rice-cultivation.
    • Primitive Machines, and Importance of the Rice Crop.
  • The Hemp Plant and Its Uses.
    • Description of the Abacá.
    • The Process of Manufacture.
    • Some Facts about Hemp-growing.
    • Difficulties with Native Labor.
    • Tricks of the Natives.
    • Competition with Other Lands.
    • Experience of a Planter.
    • What the Hemp Is Used For.
  • Culture and Use of Tobacco.
    • The Cultivation of Tobacco, a State Monopoly.
    • Oppressive Conditions in Luzon.
    • How Speculators Take Advantage of the Natives.
    • The Quality of Manila Tobacco.
    • Methods of Preparing the Tobacco Leaf.
    • Smoking, a Universal Habit.
  • The Cultivation of Coffee.
    • The Origin of the Industry.
    • Indifference of Coffee-planters.
    • Speculation in Coffee.
    • Methods of Cultivation.
    • Harsh Methods of the Government.
  • Betel Nut, Grain, and Fruit-Growing.
    • The Areca Palm and the Betel Nut.
    • The Nipa Palm and Nipa Wine.
    • Various Fruits of the Islands.
    • Cereals and Vegetables.
    • Cotton and Indigo-planting.
    • The Cocoa Industry.
    • The Traffic in Birds’ Nests.
  • Useful Woods and Plants.
    • The Huge Forests.
    • The Bamboo Plant and its Uses.
    • The Bejuco Rope.
    • The Useful Cocoanut Palm.
    • Oppressive Regulations of the Government.
    • The Early Missionaries Beneficial to the Natives.
  • Mineral Wealth of the Islands.
    • Early Search for Gold.
    • The Mining Laws and Methods of the Colony.
    • Where the Precious Metal is Found.
    • The Whole Country a Virgin Mine.
    • Precious Stones and Iron.
    • Peculiar Methods of Mining Copper.
    • Other Minerals and the Coal-fields.
  • Animal Life in the Colony.
    • The Useful Buffalo, and Other Domestic Animals.
    • Reptiles, Bats, and Insects.
    • A Field for the Sportsman.
    • The Locust Scourge.
    • The Chief Nuisances: Mosquitoes and Ants.
  • Struggle of the Filipinos for Liberty.
    • Early Insurrections Against the Spaniards.
    • The Burgos Revolt.
    • The Present Rebellion.
    • The Katipunan.
    • The Black Hole of Manila.
    • The Forbearance of the Natives.
    • The Rebel Army.
    • The Tagal Republic Proclaimed.
    • Treachery of the Spaniards.
    • Dr. José Rizal and His Wife, Josephine.
    • Execution of Rizal. The Philippine Joan of Arc.
    • Rizal’s Farewell Poem.
      • My Last Thought.
    • My Last Thought.
    • Aguinaldo Confers with Admiral Dewey.
    • Aguinaldo as Dictator: His Proclamations.
    • Triumphant Progress of the Rebels.
    • The Spaniards Fortify Manila.
    • Sketch of Aguinaldo.
  • Dewey at Manila.
    • The White Squadron.
    • Declaration of War, and Journey to the Philippines.
    • Luzon Sighted, and Preparations for Battle.
    • The Fleet Sails by Corregidor.
    • First Shot of the War.
    • The Spanish Fleet is Sighted.
    • Dewey Attacks the Enemy.
    • The Fate of the Reina Cristina.
    • The Commodore Pipes All Hands to Breakfast.
    • The Americans Renew the Battle.
    • The Yankees Are Victorious.
  • The American Occupation.
    • Merritt, and the Expedition.
    • The Battle of Malate.
    • Capture of Manila.
    • Capitulation of the Philippines.
    • Awaiting the Peace Commission.
  • Table of Contents
  • Colophon
    • Availability
    • Encoding
    • Revision History
    • External References
    • Corrections
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