The Ship of Fools, Volume 1

The Ship of Fools, Volume 1

By Sebastian Brant
Book Description
Table of Contents
    • Volume I.
    • Introduction
    • Notice of Barclay and his Writings
    • Barclay's Will
    • Notes
    • Bibliographical Catalogue of Barclay's Works
    • The Ship of Fools
    • Volume II.
    • The Ship of Fools (concluded)
    • Glossary
    • Chapter I. of the Original (German), and of the Latin, and French Versions of the Ship of Fools
    • NOTICE
  • Life and Writings of Alexander Barclay,
    • the translator of brandt's ship of fools.
    • In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
    • NOTES.
    • TABULA.
    • [VOLUME I.]
    • Alexander Barclay excusynge the rudenes of his translacion.
    • An exhortacion of Alexander Barclay.
    • Barclay the translatour tho the Foles.
    • [The Prologe of James Locher.]
    • Here begynneth the prologe.
    • [The Argument.]
    • Here begynneth the foles and first inprofytable bokes.
    • Of euyl Counsellours, Juges and men of lawe.
    • Of Auaryce or Couetyse and prodygalyte.
    • Of newe fassions and disgised Garmentes.
    • Of old folys that is to say the longer they lyue the more they ar gyuen to foly.
    • Of the erudicion of neglygent faders anenst theyr chyldren.
    • Of tale berers, fals reporters, and prometers of stryfes.
    • Of hym that wyll nat folowe nor ensue good counsell, and necessary.
    • Of disordred and vngoodly maners.
    • Of brekynge and hurtynge of amyte and frendshyp.
    • Of contempt, or dispisynge of holy scripture.
    • Of folys without prouysyon.
    • Of disordred loue and veneryous.
    • Of them yt synne trustynge vpon the mercy of god.
    • Of the folisshe begynnynge of great bildynges without sufficient prouision.
    • Of glotons and dronkardes.
    • Of ryches vnprofytable.
    • Of hym that togyder wyll serue two maysters.
    • Of to moche spekynge or bablynge.
    • Of them that correct other and yet them selfe do nought and synne worse than they whom they so correct.
    • Of hym that fyndeth ought of another mannys it nat restorynge to the owner.
    • Of the sermon or erudicion of wysdome bothe to wyse men and folys.
    • Of bostynge or hauynge confydence in fortune.
    • Of the ouer great and chargeable curyosyte of men.
    • Of them that ar alway borowynge.
    • Of inprofytable and vayne prayers vowes and peticyons.
    • Of vnprofytable stody.
    • Of them that folysshly speke agaynst the workes of god.
    • Of them that gyue jugement on other.
    • Of pluralitees that is to say of them whiche charge them selfe with many benefycis.
    • Of them that prolonge from day to day to amende themselfe.
    • Of hym that is Jelous ouer his wyfe and watcheth hir wayes without cause, or euydent tokyn of hir myslyuynge.
    • Of auoutry, and specially of them yt ar bawdes to their wyues, knowynge and wyll nat knowe, but kepe counseyll, for couetyse, and gaynes or auauntage.
    • Of hym that nought can and nought wyll lerne, and seyth moche, lytell berynge away, I mene nat theuys.
    • Of great wrathe, procedynge of small occasyon.
    • Of the mutabylyte of fortune.
    • Of them that be diseasyd and seke and ar impacient and inobedyent to the Phesycyan.
    • Of ouer open takynges of counsel.
    • Of folys that can nat beware by the mysfortune and example of others damage.
    • Of them that forceth or careth for the bacbytynge of lewde people.
    • Of mockers, and scorners, and false accusers.
    • Of them that dyspyse euerlastynge ioye, and settyth thynges transytory before thynges eternall and euerlastynge.
    • Of them that make noyses rehersynges of talys and do other thynges vnlaufull and dishonest in ye chirche of god.
    • Of them that wyllynge and knowyngly put them self in ieopardy and peryll.
    • Of the way of felycyte and godnes, and of the payne to come vnto synners.
    • Of the yll example of elders gyuyn vnto youth.
    • Of bodely pleasour or corporall voluptuosyte
    • Of folys that can nat kepe secrete theyr owne counsell.
    • Of yonge folys that take olde wymen to theyr wyues, for theyr ryches.
    • Of enuyous Folys.
    • Of impacient Folys that wyll nat abyde correccion.
    • Of folysshe Fesycyans and vnlerned that onely folowe paractyke knowynge nought of the speculacyon of theyr faculte.
    • Of the ende of worldly honour and power and of Folys that trust therein.
    • Of predestynacion.
    • Of folys that forget them selfe and do another mannys besynes leuynge theyr owne vndone.
    • Of the vyce of vnkyndnes.
    • Of folys that stande so well in their owne conceyt that they thinke none so wyse, stronge, fayre, nor eloquent, as they ar themself.
    • Of lepynges and dauncis and Folys that pas theyr tyme in suche vanyte.
    • Of nyght watchers and beters of the stretes playnge by nyght on instrumentes and vsynge lyke Folyes whan tyme is to rest.
    • Of folysshe beggers and of theyr vanytees.
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