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Oxford Resources for IB DP Physics: Course Book ebook
William Heathcote, David Homer, Maciej Pietka
Oxford Resources for IB DP Physics: Course Book ebook
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Featuring a wealth of engaging content, this concept-based Course Book has been developed in cooperation with the IB to provide the most comprehensive support for the DP Physics specification, for first teaching from September 2023. It is packed full of questions, clear explanations and worked examples, plus extensive assessment preparation support.

Use this print Course Book alongside the digital course on Oxford's Kerboodle platform for the best teaching and learning experience. Oxford's DP Science offer brings together the IB curriculum and future-facing functionality, enabling success in DP and beyond.

A Space, time and motion
A.1 Kinematics
A.2 Forces and momentum
A.3 Work, energy and power
A.4 Rigid body mechanics
A.5 Galilean and special relativity
End-of-theme questions
B The particulate nature of matter
B.1 Thermal energy transfers
B.2 Greenhouse effect
B.3 Gas laws
B.4 Thermodynamics
B.5 Current and circuits
End-of-theme questions
Tools for physics
Mathematical tools for physics
Experimental tools for physics
Data analysis and modelling physics
C Wave behaviour
C.1 Simple harmonic motion
C.2 Wave model
C.3 Wave phenomena
C.4 Standing waves and resonance
C.5 Doppler effect
End-of-theme questions
D Fields
D.1 Gravitational fields
D.2 Electric and magnetic fields
D.3 Motion in electromagnetic fields
D.4 Induction
End-of-theme questions
E Nuclear and quantum physics
E.1 Structure of the atom
E.2 Quantum physics
E.3 Radioactive decay
E.4 Fission
E.5 Fusion and stars
End-of-theme questions
Extended-response questions
The inquiry process and internal assessment (IA)
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