Linda Carlton, Air Pilot

Linda Carlton, Air Pilot

By Edith Lavell
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Linda Carlton, Air Pilot
  • Chapter I A Dangerous Ride
  • Chapter II Graduation
  • Chapter III Her Father's Gift
  • Chapter IV Summer Plans
  • Chapter V The First Lesson in Flying
  • Chapter VI Winning Her License
  • Chapter VII The Flight to Green Falls
  • Chapter VIII The Robbery
  • Chapter IX Suspicions
  • Chapter X In the Hospital
  • Chapter XI An Anxious Day for Linda
  • Chapter XII The Search for the Thief
  • Chapter XIII >The Masque Ball
  • Chapter XIV The Flying Trip
  • Chapter XV Sunny Hills
  • Chapter XVI The Accident
  • Chapter XVII The Lost Necklace
  • Chapter XVIII In Pursuit of the "Pursuit"
  • Chapter XIX Rescued
  • Chapter XX The Race against Death
  • Chapter XXI Honors for Linda
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