Glass Houses

Glass Houses

By Mary White
US$ 9.99
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Book Description

‘Glass Houses’ shows that perspective is a heaven of a thing, says Mary when it dawned on her that, We are all living, walking, breathing Glass Houses! We should not be too quick to throw stones (judge) at each other as we do live a shared human experience, similar to a living in a Glass House, of each other’s financial, spiritual, professional and personal journey. As the saying goes, today for me tomorrow for you.

A chapter consists of 3 Pages per week
1. Weekly Story featuring a real story from a real person in a real situation.
2. Weekly Devotional featuring Blessing Counter. This is fashioned using the Our Father prayer on Matthew 6. The concept is specially tailored is to teach the user the proper protocols to reverently enter and exit the presence of God. God is a King and just like our local dignitaries we must grace his presence with the right attitude and right words. Even when we are angry with God protocols of reverence must be maintained..
3. Weekly Diary featuring Your Scripture. This concept is to guide the user into a developing a sweet communion or comrade with God. Seeing God as a confidant that you share your day with whether god or bad with is like daily therapy that will strengthen both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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