Nestleton Magna A Story of Yorkshire Methodism

Nestleton Magna A Story of Yorkshire Methodism

By J. Jackson Wray
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I. Nestleton Magna.
  • CHAPTER II. “Blithe Natty,” the Harmonious Blacksmith.
  • CHAPTER III. “Master Philip.”
  • CHAPTER IV. “Aud Adam Olliver.”
  • CHAPTER V. “Black Morris.”
  • CHAPTER VI. Philip’s Visit to the Forge, or Love’s Young Dream.
  • CHAPTER VII. Kesterton Circuit and the “Rounders.”
  • CHAPTER VIII. Adam Olliver begins to Prophesy.
  • CHAPTER IX. The Progress of Master Philip’s Wooing.
  • CHAPTER X. Black Morris is more Free than Welcome.
  • CHAPTER XI. Both Philip and Lucy make a Clean Breast of it.
  • CHAPTER XII. Adam Olliver in the “Methodist Confessional.”
  • CHAPTER XIII. Squire Fuller pays a Visit to the Forge.
  • CHAPTER XIV. Aud Adam Olliver “Sees about it.”
  • CHAPTER XV. Nathan Blyth is the Victim of a Gunpowder Plot.
  • CHAPTER XVI. Squire Fuller Receives a Deputation.
  • CHAPTER XVII. Doctor Jephson Gives an Unprofessional Opinion.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Philip Fuller Makes a Discovery.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Black Morris is Taken by Surprise.
  • CHAPTER XX. Kasper Crabtree falls among Thieves.
  • CHAPTER XXI. Squire Fuller Hears Unwelcome News.
  • CHAPTER XXII. Lucy Blyth Makes a Conquest.
  • CHAPTER XXIII. The Dark Deed in Thurston Wood.
  • CHAPTER XXIV. “Balaam” is Taken into Consultation.
  • CHAPTER XXV. Nathan Blyth is in a Quandary.
  • CHAPTER XXVI. Dr. Jephson’s Prescription Works Wonders.
  • CHAPTER XXVII. Hannah Olliver’s “Young Man.”
  • CHAPTER XXVIII. Bill Buckley Sees an Apparition.
  • CHAPTER XXIX. The Story of the Dead-Alive.
  • CHAPTER XXX. Midden Harbour has a New Sensation.
  • CHAPTER XXXI. “Balaam” declares himself a “Spiritualist.”
  • CHAPTER XXXII Piggy Morris Hears a “Knock at the Door.”
  • CHAPTER XXXIII. Squire Fuller Introduces an Innovation.
  • CHAPTER XXXIV. Lucy Blyth has an Eye on “Landed Property.”
  • CHAPTER XXXV. Old Adam Olliver to the Rescue.
  • CHAPTER XXXVI. Sister Agatha’s Ghost.
  • CHAPTER XXXVII. Philip Fuller Boldly Meets his Fate.
  • CHAPTER XXXVIII. Black Morris “Wants that Brickbat Again.”
  • CHAPTER XXXIX. Nestleton Puts on Holiday Attire.
  • CHAPTER XL. An Episode in a Methodist Love-feast.
  • CHAPTER XLI. The Revolution in Midden Harbour.
  • CHAPTER XLII. Aud Adam Olliver’s “Nunc Dimittis.”
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