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Contact Languages and Music
Andrea Hollington Joseph T. Farquharson Byron M. Jones Jr.
Contact Languages and Music
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Language and music are connected in manyways. As social and cultural practices, they have been intertwined inmultiple ways. Musical and linguistic practices are often intertwined toexpress distinct and complex identities, attitudes, ideologies, social rolesand political views. Spaces characterized by migration, contact, multilingualism, and colonial inequalities, are particularly interestingfor the study of the intersections between language and music. This volume is the first book-lengthaccount of contact languages and music. It offers a stimulating collectionof contributions on different territories, multiple musical genres andtopics, and various methodological approaches. The chapters address myriadtopics such as nationality, ethnicity, identity, gender, migration anddiaspora.

1. Introduction
Part 1 Language, Music and Identity
2. Discoursing the State of a Caribbean Nation
3. “Dennery Segment ka mennen”: Exploring the Dominance of Creole Languages in St Lucian Popular Music
4. Singing in Creole or Portuguese?: Santomean Musical Manifestations
5. Wi Ful a Patan: A Quantitative Approach to Language Use in Jamaican Popular Music
6. Styling through Rhyming: Gender and Vowel Variation in Jamaican Dancehall Lyrics
7. Language Use in Peter Ram’s Soca Performances
8. Singing the King’s Creole: The (Ethno)Linguistic Repertoire of Clifton Chenier
Part 2 Translocal Perspectives
9. Rap Kriolu Revisited: From the Transnational Diaspora to Cape Verde and Back
10. Authentic Crossing?: Jamaican Creole in African Dancehall
11. Jamaican in Transatlantic Contact Spaces: Linguistic Practices in African Reggae, Dancehall and Other Popular Musics
12. Jamaric Reggae: Jamaican Speech Forms in Contemporary Ethiopian Reggae Music
13. Caribbean Identity in Pop Music: Rihanna’s and Nicki Minaj’s Multivocal Pop Personas
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