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Each One Teach One
Saran Stewart, Sharline Cole and Yewande Lewis-Fokum
Each One Teach One
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Each One Teach One: Parental Involvementand Family Engagement in Jamaica's Education System is a collection of researchstudies and essays across multiple educational fields: leadership, psychology, special education, early childhood, literacy studies, mathematics and teachereducation. The contributors to this collection provide empirical evidence onthe state of parental involvement and family engagement in Jamaica. A teamapproach has been used in completing the various chapters in which graduateresearchers collaborated with lecturers in their areas of specialization. Thedifferent voices and data from the participants along with relevant literatureshape the dialogue on the importance of home and school collaboration instudents' overall outcomes. Each One Teach One provides criticalonto-epistemological frameworks grounded within the Jamaican context to examinethe scope, prevalence, and effects of parental involvement and familyengagement in schooling. The findings, implications and recommendations canguide policymakers in the formulation of strategies compatible with the needsof the schools, students and families and provide indispensable data on how to effectivelywork together to optimize students' success.

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Section 1
1 Towards a Framework of Parental Involvement and Family Engagement in Jamaica: A Systematic Review
2 Improving Parental Involvement for Students’ Success: Outlining a Framework for a “Non-traditional” High School in Jamaica
3 A Conceptual Framework for Involving Parents in Improving Mathematics Learning Outcomes: Changing Mindsets, Conversations and Perceptions
Section 2
4 Parental Involvement and Academic Success at the Early Childhood Level
5 Exploring the Impact of Parental Involvement on the Education of Students: The Case of Students with Two Types of Disabilities
6 The Impact of Early Parental Involvement on Academic Outcome
Section 3
7 A Survey Design of the Rate of Parental Involvement and Reported Academic Performance of Grade 10 Students
8 An Investigation into the Scope and Prevalence of Parental Involvement at a Rural High School in Jamaica
9 School Violence in Jamaica: The Impact of Parental Involvement
List of Contributors
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