More Celtic Fairy Tales

More Celtic Fairy Tales

By Various
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Table of Contents
  • Transcriber's Note:
  • Fairy Tales
    • Preface
    • Contents
    • Full-page Illustrations
    • The Fate of the Children of Lir
    • Jack the Cunning Thief
    • Powel, Prince of Dyfed.
    • Paddy O'Kelly and the Weasel
    • The Black Horse
    • The Vision of MacConglinney
    • Dream of Owen O'Mulready
    • Morraha
      • THE STORY.
    • The Story of the McAndrew Family
    • The Farmer of Liddesdale
    • The Greek Princess and the Young Gardener
    • The Russet Dog
    • Smallhead and the King's Sons
    • The Legend of Knockgrafton.
    • Elidore.
    • The Leeching of Kayn's Leg.
    • How Fin went to the Kingdom of the Big Men.
    • How Cormac Mac Art went to Faery.
    • The Ridere of Riddles.
    • The Tail.
    • Notes and References.
      • Transcriber's Notes:
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