The Story of Perugia

The Story of Perugia

By Margaret Symonds, Lina Duff Gordon
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Story of Perugia by Margaret Symons and Lina Duff Gordon Illustrated by M. Helen James
  • CHAPTER I The earliest Origins of Perugia and growth of the City
  • CHAPTER II The Condottieri and the Rise of the Nobles
  • CHAPTER III The Baglioni. Paul III. and last years of the City
  • CHAPTER IV The City of Perugia
  • CHAPTER V Palazzo Pubblico, The Fountain, and the Duomo
    • The Fountain.
    • Cathedral of S. Lorenzo.
    • The Canonica.
  • CHAPTER VI Fortress of Paul III.—S. Ercolano—S. Domenico—S. Pietro—S. Costanzo
    • S. Ercolano.
    • S. Domenico.
    • S. Pietro.
    • S. Costanzo.
    • S. Severo.
    • Porta Sole.
    • Arch of Augustus.
    • S. Agostino.
    • S. Angelo.
    • S. Francesco al Monte.
    • S. Bernardino.
    • S. Francesco al Prato.
    • S. Martino.
  • CHAPTER IX Pietro Perugino and the Cambio[85]
  • CHAPTER X The Pinacoteca[93]
    • Room I.
    • Sala II.
    • Rooms VI. and VII.
    • Rooms VIII. and IX.
    • Room V.
    • Room X.
    • Room XI.
    • Room XII.
  • CHAPTER XI The Museum,[104] and Tomb of the Volumnii
    • Room II.
      • Case A.
      • Cases B. and C.
      • Case D
    • Case A.
    • Cases B. and C.
    • Case D
    • Room III.
    • Sarcophagi.
    • Room IV.
      • Case A.
      • Case B.
      • Case D.
    • Case A.
    • Case B.
    • Case D.
    • Room V.
    • Room VI.
    • Room VII.
    • RoomS VIII. AND IX.
    • Room VIII.
      • Case H.
      • Case L.
      • Case H.
      • Case P.
    • Case H.
    • Case L.
    • Case H.
    • Case P.
    • Room IX.
      • Case G.
    • Case G.
    • Hospes lege et luge.
    • The Tomb of the Volumnii.
  • CHAPTER XII In Umbria
    • Gubbio.
    • Spello.
    • Foligno.[116]
    • Montefalco
    • Foligno to Spoleto.
    • Trevi.
    • The Temple of Clitumnus.
    • Spoleto.
    • Narni.
    • Orvieto.
    • Chiusi.
    • Città della Pieve.
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