YOU CAN...Hear From God

YOU CAN...Hear From God

By Dr Sherril Chong
US$ 6.99
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Book Description

YOU CAN!!!... Hear from God
The YOU CAN!!!... Transformational Series is a radical approach to positive change. One that cannot fail because it is based on the principles of sowing and reaping, seedtime and harvest, on which all change – growth or deterioration – is based.
YOU CAN… Hear From God is the first volume, in a series to share the possibilities, potential and plans that my creator God has for me.
It is written from the confident assurance that God’s love always gives; God’s words always work and God’s plan for me always succeeds. It includes a few of my ‘conversations’ with God on varying topics and areas of endeavour.
This book introduces many of the topics that have been developed in the volumes to follow, and touches on the wide range of life experiences that God communicates with me on. The items were randomly chosen, because of their relevance to my current challenges at the time of writing and their ability to buoy me up and keep me afloat.
It is a very personal expose of the solutions that I have received for the many, many roadblocks, detours, and Road-Under-Construction signs along my journey so far…
Use this book as a ‘go-to’ for examples of how one person ‘got over’; and as an encouragement of what is possible for you. YOU CAN!!!...

Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Conversation
  • Hearing From God
  • Where Are Your Downloads Coming From?
  • Communication Clarity
  • Imperatives!!!
  • 21 Change Agents
  • Exercise Mantra
  • Greens, Beans & Berries
  • Guidelines!!!
  • The Fall!!!
  • Prayer & Restoration
  • Visualization
  • Sherill Chong's Twelve (Laws of Abundant Life)
  • The Daily Disciplines of Bliss
  • Why We Must Turn
  • What Is My Purpose?
  • Priceless - That's Who I Am
  • Perspectives!!!
  • Purpose: Living With Passion
  • Restoration - Available On Demand
  • Phenomenal Women & Extraordinary Men
  • The NOW Word
  • Letter To Mom
  • The Promise Prevails For The Rejected
  • Distraction vs. Focus
  • I Can Live A Focused Life 24/7
  • An Excellent Spirit - 12 Step Program
  • Set Free To Soar!!!
  • Sonshine Manufacturing
  • God's Order For The Church
  • Covenant
  • Personal & National Anthropology
  • Listen for Your "All Good"
  • YOU CAN... Empowerment Series
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