Oxford University Press
Amazing Animal Tales: Little Monkey
Anne Rooney, Carolina Rabei
Amazing Animal Tales: Little Monkey
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Little Monkey loves to scamper about his treetop home, swinging from branch to branch and playing. There are many dangers in the forest, but luckily Little Monkey's mum is never far away! This heartwarming story about an animal family living in the wild has amazing monkey facts to discover. Readers will love interacting with the big non-fiction flaps, where they can compare their hand with a spider monkey's! With a scarlet macaw to spot on every page.
Amazing Animal Tales is an exciting and innovative new series following baby animals' incredible stories of survival, with fascinating facts to discover about each animal. The books can either be enjoyed as an engaging narrative story, or with the non-fiction pages as a combined story and non-fiction experience.
Also available: Baby Koala, Little Tiger, Baby Owl, Tiny Tadpole, and Baby Polar Bear.

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