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Oxford Resources for IB DP Environmental Systems and Societies: Course eBook
Gillian Williams, Jill Rutherford
Oxford Resources for IB DP Environmental Systems and Societies: Course eBook
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Exam Board: International Baccalaureate (IB) Level and subject: IB Diploma Environmental Systems and Societies students - SL and HL First teaching: 2024 · First exams: 2025

Developed in cooperation with the IB and matched to the first teaching 2024 syllabus, these inquiry-based resources offer complete coverage of the 2024 Subject Guide and motivate learners to build interconnected subject knowledge. This title:
· Is published in cooperation with the IB so you can be assured the content is aligned, reviewed, and approved
· Focuses on both knowledge and skills with high quality content created by experienced IB authors, examiners, and teachers
· Helps students develop a holistic view of the subject via a wealth of contemporary case studies
· Truly engages learners with scientific concepts - the inquiry-based approach drives active exploration, investigation and critical thought
· Supports students at HL with a dedicated chapter exploring the HL lenses in detail
· Cements the three key concepts in students' minds with a chapter on the foundations of the course
· Builds student confidence with end of topic questions drawn from past exam papers

1 Foundation
1.1 Perspectives
1.2 Systems
1.3 Sustainability
1.4 Practical work: Questionnaires and surveys
Exam-style questions
HL lenses
HL.a Environmental law
HL.b Environmental economics
HL.c Environmental ethics
2 Ecology
2.1 Individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems
2.2 Energy and biomass in ecosystems
2.3 Biogeochemical cycles
2.4 Climate and biomes
2.5 Zonation, succession and change in ecosystems
2.6 Practical work: Ecology lab and fieldwork
Exam-style questions
3 Biodiversity and conservation
3.1 Biodiversity and evolution
3.2 Human impact on biodiversity
3.3 Conservation and regeneration
Exam-style questions
4 Water
4.1 Water systems
4.2 Water access, use and security
4.3 Aquatic food production systems
4.4 Water pollution
Exam-style questions
5 Land
5.1 Soil
5.2 Agriculture and food
Exam-style questions
6 Atmosphere and climate change
6.1 Introduction to the atmosphere
6.2 Climate change—causes and impact
6.3 Climate change—mitigation and adaptation
6.4 Stratospheric ozone
Exam-style questions
7 Natural resources
7.1 Natural resources—uses and management
7.2 Energy sources—uses and management
7.3 Solid waste
Exam-style questions
8 Human populations and urban systems
8.1 Human populations
8.2 Urban systems and urban planning
8.3 Urban air pollution
Exam-style questions
Maths skills for ESS
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