On the Mexican Highlands With a Passing Glimpse of Cuba

On the Mexican Highlands With a Passing Glimpse of Cuba

By William Seymour Edwards
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • ON THE MEXICAN HIGHLANDS With a Passing Glimpse of Cuba
  • I Flying Impressions Between Charleston-Kanawha and New Orleans
  • II The Life and Color of New Orleans
  • III Southwestward to the Border
  • IV On to Mexico City
  • V First Impressions of Mexico City
  • VI Vivid Characteristics of Mexican Life
  • VII A Mexican Bullfight
  • VIII From Pullman Car to Mule-back
  • IX A Journey Over Lofty Tablelands
  • X A Provincial Despot and His Residence
  • XI Inguran Mines—Five Thousand Six Hundred Feet Below Ario
  • XII Antique Methods of Mining
  • XIII Some Tropical Financial Morality
  • XIV Wayside Incidents in the Land of Heat
  • XV Morelia—The Capital of the State of Michoacan—Her Streets—Her Parks—Her Churches—Her Music
  • XVI Morelia and Toluca—The Markets—The Colleges—The Schools—The Ancient and the Modern Spirit
  • XVII Cuernavaca—The County Seat of Montezuma, of Cortez and Spanish Viceroys, of Maximilian—A Pleasant Watering Place of Modern Mexico
  • XVIII The Journey by Night from Mexico City—Over the Mountains to the Sea Coast—The Ancient City of Vera Cruz
  • XIX Voyaging Across the Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Yucatan from Vera Cruz to Progresso and Havana
  • XX The City of “Habana”—Incidents of a Day’s Sojourn in the Cuban Capital
  • XXI Cuba—The Fortress of La Cabaña
  • XXII Cuba—Her Fertile Sugar Lands—Matanzas by the Sea
  • XXIII Cuba—The Tobacco Lands of Guanajay—The Town and Bay of Mariel
  • XXIV Steamer Mascot
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