The Man in the Twilight

The Man in the Twilight

By Ridgwell Cullum
Book Description

Table of Contents
  • The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Man in the Twilight, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • E-text prepared by Wallace McLean, Josephine Paolucci, Joshua Hutchinson, and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team
  • The Man in the Twilight
  • Contents
  • Part I
    • Chapter I—The Crisis
    • Chapter II—The Man With The Mail
    • Chapter III—Idepski
    • Chapter IV—The "Yellow Streak"
    • Chapter V—Nancy Mcdonald
    • Chapter VI—Nathaniel Hellbeam
  • Part II—Eight Years Later
    • Chapter I—Bull Sternford
    • Chapter II—Father Adam
    • Chapter III—Bull Learns Conditions
    • Chapter IV—Drawing The Net
    • Chapter V—The Progress Of Nancy
    • Chapter VI—The Lonely Figure
    • Chapter VII—The Skandinavia Moves
    • Chapter VIII—An Affair Of Outposts
    • Chapter IX—On The Open Sea
    • Chapter X—In Quebec
    • Chapter XI—Drawn Swords
    • Chapter XII—At The Chateau
    • Chapter XIII—Deepening Waters
    • Chapter XIV—The Planning Of Campaign
    • Chapter XV—The Sailing Of The Empress
    • Chapter XVI—On Board The Empress
    • Chapter XVII—The Lonely Figure Again
    • Chapter XVIII—Bull Sternford'S Vision Of Success
    • Chapter XIX—The Hold-Up
    • Chapter XX—On The Home Trail
    • Chapter XXI—The Man In The Twilight
    • Chapter XXII—Dawn
    • Chapter XXIII—Nancy
    • Chapter XXIV—The Coming Of Spring
    • Chapter XXV—Nancy's Decision
    • Chapter XXVI—The Message
    • Chapter XXVII—Lost In The Twilight
  • The Heart of Unaga
  • Snowdrift
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