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A new focus on...Black Lives in Britain, c.1500–present for KS3 History
Robin Whitburn, Abdul Mohamud
A new focus on...Black Lives in Britain, c.1500–present for KS3 History
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Meet the people, visit the places and hear the stories that do justice to Black British history.

This is the first school textbook of this century that focuses solely on the history of Black people in Britain - and approaches that history with the rigour, relevance and extensive research that it deserves.

> Diversify your KS3 curriculum. Designed to be used flexibly, the book contains enquiries that can be slotted easily into your schemes of work. Structured into three key periods, with a mix of depth, site and thematic enquiries, it provides numerous opportunities for you to incorporate Black British history at KS3.

> Focus on real people. Depth enquiries examine individual Black lives within different periods from 1500 to present, using historical concepts such as causation and significance to explore their stories. Unique sources bring the individuals to life and also highlight the complexity of relations between Black and White people in British society.

> Understand the importance of place. Site enquiries on London, Liverpool, Cardiff and Bristol illustrate how crucial Black communities were - and are - for the flourishing of Black identity.

> Look at the 'big picture'. Thematic enquiries on music and sport help pupils to think about change and continuity in the experiences of Black people over the centuries. Interludes between enquiries zoom out to show what was going on nationally and globally, creating a backdrop to the history of Black lives in Britain.

> Trust the experts in this field. The authors have undertaken a vast amount of original research, combining the rich stories and archive material that they uncovered with the latest scholarship. Two academics have also reviewed the content to ensure that the historiography is accurate and up to date.



The textbooks that belong in your classroom.
The people and stories that belong in your curriculum.

Look at topics through a different lens, see the past from many perspectives and question traditional narratives.

This exciting series comprises three titles:
> Black Lives in Britain, c.1500-present
> The British Empire, c.1500-present
> British Social History, c.1920-2000

Title Page
Section 1: 1500–1850
1 Site enquiry: Black people in Tudor London
Interlude: Britain and the transatlantic slave trade
2 Depth enquiry: Black Georgians in 18th-century England
Interlude: The Age of Revolutions, 1750–1800
3 Depth enquiry: Black radicals in the 19th century
Section 2: 1850–1960
Interlude: The British Empire in Africa and the Caribbean, 1839–1945
4 Site enquiry: Black people in industrial Liverpool, 1860–1950
5 Site enquiry: Black communities in Tiger Bay, Cardiff, 1890–1960
6 Depth enquiry: Black British lives in the Second World War
Section 3: 1945–present
Interlude: The Windrush story: myth and reality
7 Site enquiry: Bristol’s Black community, 1960–80
8 Site enquiry: Brixton: the ‘capital of Black Britain’, 1948–90
Interlude: Racial injustices, 1970–present
Section 4: Black people’s achievements in Britain, 1500 to the present
9 Thematic enquiry: Black British lives in music
10 Thematic enquiry: Black British lives in sport
11 Depth enquiry: Black excellence in Britain
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