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11+ English Revision Guide
Erika Cross
11+ English Revision Guide
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Exam Board: ISEB
Level: 11 Plus
Subject: English
First Teaching: September 2012
First Exam: Autumn 2013

Secure the top marks in 11 plus independent school entrance exams and pre-tests and a better chance at getting into their school of choice with this essential revision guide. Complete coverage of the ISEB 11 Plus English syllabus and stretching extra content ensures that every topic is thoroughly revised ahead of the exams.

- This book covers everything required for the 11 Plus English exam
- Prepares pupils for a wide range of independent school exams and pre-tests with challenging extension material
- Consolidates revision with all the key information in one place
- Features helpful insight in to the exams, with examples, practical tips and advice
- Tests understanding and technique with timed, levelled exam-style questions
- Identifies strengths and weaknesses using 11 plus sample tests with detailed answer guidance

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Title Page
How to use this book
1 Spelling, punctuation and grammar
Plurals and silent letters
Homophones, homonyms and other commonly confused words
Basic punctuation
Commas and apostrophes
Punctuating speech
Colons, semicolons and ellipses
Types of sentence and clauses
Parts of speech
Test 1: Spelling, punctuation and grammar
2 Reading
Identifying text types
Using strategies for tackling comprehension questions
Understanding the purpose, audience and structure of texts
Summarising key ideas
Using clues to find definitions
Retrieving specific information in fiction and non-fiction texts
Using inference and deduction
Making predictions
Separating fact and opinion in non-fiction texts
Analysing language
Test 2: Fiction comprehension
Test 3: Non-fiction comprehension
Test 4: Poetry comprehension
3 Composition
Choosing a task
Narrative writing from a title
Responding to textual prompts
Responding to pictures
Book review
Personal response
Discursive and persuasive writing
Starting and ending your writing
Improving your writing: adverbials
Improving your writing: flashbacks
Improving your writing: imagery and descriptive techniques
Improving your writing: mimicking style
Improving your writing: sentence structure
Improving your writing: verbs for effect
Improving your writing: choosing a point of view
Improving your writing: linking devices
Test 5: Composition
Test 6: Composition
4 Useful information
Glossary of useful words and phrases
Spelling list
Model writing samples
11+ sample tests
Spelling, punctuation and grammar
Comprehension 1
Comprehension 2
Composition 1
Composition 2
Success grids
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