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Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Student's Book 3rd edition
Mike Crundell, Geoff Goodwin
Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics Student's Book 3rd edition
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This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2022.
Confidently navigate the updated Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics (9702) syllabus with a structured approach ensuring that the link between theory and practice is consolidated, scientific skills are applied, and analytical skills developed.
- Enable students to monitor and build progress with short 'self-assessment' questions throughout the student text, with answers at the back of the book, so students can check their understanding as they work their way through the chapters.
- Build scientific communication skills and vocabulary in written responses with a variety of exam-style questions.
- Encourage understanding of historical context and scientific applications with extension boxes in the student text.
- Have confidence that lessons cover the syllabus completely with a free Scheme of Work available online.
- Provide additional practice with the accompanying write-in Practical Skills Workbooks, which once completed, can also be used to recap learning for revision.

Title Page
Topic 1 Physical quantities and units
1.1 Physical quantities
1.2 SI quantities and base units
1.3 Errors and uncertainties
1.4 Scalars and vectors
Topic 2 Kinematics
2.1 Equations of motion
Topic 3 Dynamics
3.1 Momentum and Newton’s laws of motion
3.2 Non-uniform motion
3.3 Linear momentum and its conservation
Topic 4 Forces, density and pressure
4.1 Turning effects of forces
4.2 Equilibrium of forces
4.3 Density and pressure
Topic 5 Work, energy and power
5.1 Energy conservation
5.2 Gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy
Topic 6 Deformation of solids
6.1 Stress and strain
6.2 Elastic and plastic behaviour
Topic 7 Waves
7.1 Progressive waves: transverse and longitudinal waves
7.2 Doppler effect
7.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
7.4 Polarisation
Topic 8 Superposition
8.1 Superposition and interference of waves
8.2 Superposition and stationary waves
8.3 Diffraction and the diffraction grating
Topic 9 Electricity
9.1 Electric current
9.2 Potential difference and power
9.3 Resistance and resistivity
Topic 10 D.C. circuits
10.1 Practical circuits
10.2 Kirchhoff’s laws
10.3 Potential dividers
Topic 11 Particle physics
11.1 Atoms, nuclei and radiation
11.2 Fundamental particles
AS Level review exercise
Topic 12 Motion in a circle
12.1 Radian measure and angular displacement
12.2 Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
Topic 13 Gravitational fields
13.1 Gravitational field
13.2 Gravitational force between point masses
13.3 Gravitational field of a point mass
13.4 Gravitational potential
Topic 14 Temperature
14.1 Thermal equilibrium
14.2 Temperature scales
14.3 Specific heat capacity and specific latent heat
Topic 15 Ideal gases
15.1 The mole
15.2 Equation of state
15.3 Kinetic theory of gases
Topic 16 Thermodynamics
16.1 Internal energy
16.2 The first law of thermodynamics
Topic 17 Oscillations
17.1 Simple harmonic oscillations
17.2 Energy in simple harmonic motion
17.3 Damped and forced oscillations, resonance
Topic 18 Electric fields
18.1 Electric fields and field lines
18.2 Uniform electric fields
18.3 Electric force between point charges
18.4 Electric field of a point charge
18.5 Electric potential
Topic 19 Capacitance
19.1 Capacitors and capacitance
19.2 Energy stored in a capacitor
19.3 Discharging a capacitor
Topic 20 Magnetic fields
20.1 Concept of a magnetic field
20.2 Force on a current-carrying conductor
20.3 Force on a moving charge
20.4 Magnetic fields due to currents
20.5 Electromagnetic induction
Topic 21 Alternating currents
21.1 Characteristics of alternating currents
21.2 Rectification and smoothing
Topic 22 Quantum physics
22.1 Energy and momentum of a photon
22.2 Photoelectric effect
22.3 Wave–particle duality
22.4 Energy levels in atoms and line spectra
Topic 23 Nuclear physics
23.1 Mass defect and nuclear binding energy
23.2 Radioactive decay
Topic 24 Medical physics
24.1 Production and use of ultrasound in diagnosis
24.2 Production and use of X-rays
24.3 PET scanning
Topic 25 Astronomy and cosmology
25.1 Standard candles
25.2 Stellar radii
25.3 Hubble’s law and the Big Bang theory
Topic 26 Practical work
List of formulae and data
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