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How to Pass Higher Business Management, Second Edition
Craig McLeod
How to Pass Higher Business Management, Second Edition
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Exam Board: SQA
Level: Higher
Subject: Business Management
First Teaching: August 2018
First Exam: May 2019

Get your best grade with comprehensive course notes and advice from Scotland's top experts, fully updated for the latest changes to SQA Higher assessment.
How to Pass Higher Business Management Second Edition contains all the advice and support you need to revise successfully for your Higher exam. It combines an overview of the course syllabus with advice from a top expert on how to improve exam performance, so you have the best chance of success.
- Revise confidently with up-to-date guidance tailored to the latest SQA assessment changes
- Refresh your knowledge with comprehensive, tailored subject notes
- Prepare for the exam with top tips and hints on revision techniques
- Get your best grade with advice on how to gain those vital extra marks

Title Page
Chapter 1 Understanding business
Topic 1 Role of business in society
Topic 2 Types of organisations
Topic 3 Objectives
Topic 4 Methods of growth
Topic 5 External factors
Topic 6 Internal factors
Topic 7 Stakeholders
Topic 8 Structures
Topic 9 Decision-making
Chapter 2 Management of marketing
Topic 10 Customers
Topic 11 Market research
Topic 12 Marketing mix: product
Topic 13 Marketing mix: price
Topic 14 Marketing mix: place
Topic 15 Marketing mix: promotion
Topic 16 Extended marketing mix
Chapter 3 Management of operations
Topic 17 Inventory management
Topic 18 Methods of production
Topic 19 Quality
Topic 20 Ethical and environmental issues
Chapter 4 Management of people
Topic 21 Workforce planning
Topic 22 Training and development
Topic 23 Motivation and leadership
Topic 24 Employee relations
Topic 25 Legislation
Chapter 5 Management of finance
Topic 26 Sources of finance
Topic 27 Cash budgeting
Topic 28 Financial statements
Topic 29 Ratios
Exam-style case study: ASOS
Answers and solutions
Solutions to exam-style questions
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