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Essays for Excellence: A collection of GCSE essays to support students and teachers in achieving success
Becky Jones, Laura Webb
Essays for Excellence: A collection of GCSE essays to support students and teachers in achieving success
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Have you ever marked a set of student essays and been left with little time to develop a resource which pushes your students further? This collection will offer you a time-saving resource to alleviate that workload, alongside developing your subject knowledge and raising the academic aspirations of your students.
As teachers of English, Laura Webb and Becky Jones, continually found themselves having to spend precious hours answering essay questions ourselves so that they could guarantee the quality of models our students are exposed to.
This collection offers you the opportunity to reclaim your work/life balance whilst safe in the knowledge that your pupils are excelling. You will find essays on a range of the most popular texts (‘Macbeth’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’ and various poems) that will push students of every ability and help them unlock their potential. These essays are written with all of the major exam board expectations in mind, and ranked based on the exam board criteria for each level. All essays are accompanied by examiner commentary with student-friendly phrasing.
Improve your subject knowledge, share responses and plans with your students, or use in your department as a standardisation resource; this collection offers a wide range of opportunities.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Introducing the collection
1 The importance of model essays
2 Planning responses
3 Essay writing tips
4 A curriculum approach to modelling
5 So, how do I use this book?
Ideas about power
The influence of the witches
Macbeth as a tragic hero
The marriage between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
The role of a king
Appearance and reality
A Christmas Carol
Suffering of the poor
Scrooge’s relationships with others
The importance of the ghosts
Social responsibility
The Cratchit family
The importance of settings
An Inspector Calls
Ideas about gender
The Inspector as a force for good
Mr Birling as an example of all men in society
The use of time
Eva Smith as the most significant character
Comparative poetry
The effects of war
The power of nature
Conflict – The Charge of the Light Brigade
Place – The Émigrée
Power – My Last Duchess
Regret – Poppies
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