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Teacher Self-Supervision: Why Teacher Evaluation Has Failed and What We Can Do About it
William Powell
Teacher Self-Supervision: Why Teacher Evaluation Has Failed and What We Can Do About it
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Many, perhaps even most schools, are not reaching their potential to be places of collective learning. The authors believe that one of the greatest impediments to realizing this vision is the deleterious effect of traditional systems of teacher evaluation. Rather than infantilizing teachers, we need to empower them. Traditional forms of teacher evaluation have failed. They are riddled with negative expectations about teachers and what motivates them. Taken together, these underlying assumptions form a pernicious cloud of counterproductive expectations that many teachers will "live down to". Inadvertently, the traditional system of teacher evaluation has created a vicious cycle of "self-sealing logic." It is now time for teachers to reclaim their profession, the process of which involves a relentless focus on adult learning: professional learning that is self-directed. The more dynamic and stimulating the culture of adult learning, the more dynamic and stimulating student learning will be.

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Chapter 1: It’s all about learning
Chapter 2: It’s all about self-directedness
Chapter 3: It’s all about trust
Chapter 4: It’s all about de-privatized practice
Chapter 5: It’s all about the conversation
Chapter 6: It’s all about coherence
Chapter 7: It’s all about differentiation
Chapter 8: It’s all about reclaiming our profession
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