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Is leadership a race?
Samuel Strickland
Is leadership a race?
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Is Leadership a Race? is applicable to leaders old and new, of all levels of experience and expertise. It is a book that will support people considering becoming a leader, who are new to leadership or who are established leaders. If you are undertaking a national professional qualification, then this book will serve as the ideal aide-memoire. Equally, if you just want a referral point that will serve as a touchstone for guidance and reassurance, then this is the book for you.

The focus of this book is deliberately sharp and tight, with consideration predominantly given to the following seven areas: know who you are; understand what leadership means; know and respect your context; know, respect and support your people; positively drive behaviour; focus on the curriculum; and build your culture. If you want a book on leadership written by someone who has real experience of the job, then look no further.

Title Page
Chapter 1: Do you know who you are?
Chapter 2: Be true to who you are
Chapter 3: Respect your context – prior planning prevents poor performance
Chapter 4: Leadership is all about people
Chapter 5: Behaviour – the leadership hill
Chapter 6: Leading on the curriculum – an agency for good
Chapter 7: Culture is king
Concluding thoughts
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