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Changing Histories for KS3: Connected Worlds, c.1000–c.1600
Christine Counsell, Kerry Apps, Will Bailey-Watson, Hannah Cusworth, Alex Ford, Rachel Foster, Katie Hall, Tim Jenner, Nicolas Kinloch, Paula Worth
Changing Histories for KS3: Connected Worlds, c.1000–c.1600
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Change the history that pupils learn at Key Stage 3. Reframe familiar topics, discover forgotten stories and amplify unheard voices.

Through an evocative, story-based approach, this ground-breaking course brings together historical scholarship and enquiry, presenting a truly diverse, inclusive and ambitious history curriculum.

This is the history we owe to our pupils. This is the past for today and tomorrow.

> Establish a strong foundation of British history. A clear, chronological spine underpins each book, empowering pupils with the knowledge they need to understand, question or disrupt national narratives.

> Journey far beyond Britain. Move between local and global, between small details and wider developments, as the books blend depth and overview, expanding pupils' knowledge of people, places and events around the world and the links between them.

> Use the power of story to transform your teaching. Captivated by vivid, intriguing narratives, pupils will remember more than they ever have before. See their literacy improve as they encounter a wide vocabulary in context, become immersed in rich, quality texts, and enjoy hearing the book read aloud or reading it themselves.

> Teach a diverse curriculum with confidence. Gender, class, race and religion are treated with sensitivity and sophistication, intrinsically woven into the content to create perspective on social, economic, religious and political history.

> Stay up to date with historical scholarship. The authors have undertaken extensive reading, so every chapter is informed by current research from historians such as Helen Castor, Ruby Lal and Toby Green.

> Deliver the aspirational curriculum that Ofsted expects. The course embodies the requirements for scope, coherence, rigour and sequencing. The Changing Histories curriculum is a progression model. Skills and knowledge are built systematically across each lesson sequence and new material makes sense to pupils because of the content covered earlier.

> Trust a meticulously planned approach. Each 'enquiry' chapter helps pupils to shape an extended answer to the overarching question, with carefully paced 'steps' that support pupils in processing substantive knowledge. Shorter 'story summary' chapters keep narratives moving in between the enquiries.

> Benefit from some of the best minds in history education. Leaders in history curriculum, practice, research and debate, the authors have poured their expertise into every page, making quality history accessible to all.

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Part 1 World views in 1000 AD
1 Constantinople in 1050
Empress Zoe surveys her Mediterranean world Tim Jenner
2 The connected world of Islam before c1000
What drove Baghdad’s thirst for knowledge? Christine Counsell
3 The French village of Conques before 1000
What light can one saint’s story shed on western Christian worlds? Rachel Foster
Part 2 Contested power, contested land
4 A conquered England
How disruptive were the Normans? Christine Counsell and Tim Jenner
5 Meanwhile, in Norman Sicily
A story of one island, many worlds Tim Jenner and Christine Counsell
6 Unexpected allies for the Byzantine Empire
Why did Alexios’s empire survive? Alex Ford
7 Meanwhile, back in Norman England
Struggling for control after 1087 Christine Counsell
8 The power of a queen
What does the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine reveal about the medieval world? Katie Hall
9 Meanwhile, in the world of ideas
A twelfth-century Renaissance story Christine Counsell
10 Meanwhile, in the Near East
The story of the Third Crusade Will Bailey-Watson
11 Nightmare kings
Why did the barons keep rebelling against their English rulers? Alex Ford
Part 3 Empires: expansion and collapse
12 Soldiers on the steppe
How did the Mongols end up destroying Baghdad? Will Bailey-Watson
13 A golden country: the empire of Mali
What does the story of Mansa Musa reveal about medieval west Africa? Paula Worth
14 Conflict and connection in the British Isles
What were the effects of English expansion? Katie Hall and Christine Counsell
15 Order and disorder in Walsham
How did one village respond to the Black Death? Rachel Foster
16 The consequences of the Black Death
A story of changing histories Will Bailey-Watson
Part 4 Stability and instability
17 Meanwhile, somewhere in northern France
The story of the Hundred Years War Katie Hall
18 Challengers and defenders of the late medieval crown
What do the Wars of the Roses reveal about power and instability in fifteenth-century England? Paula Worth
19 Meanwhile, in Norfolk
Changing family fortunes Paula Worth
20 Meanwhile, in Henry VII’s court
A story of strong monarchy returned Kerry Apps and Christine Counsell
Part 5 Revolutions in religion and ideas
21 The Reformation begins in Germany
How did Luther’s protest become so big, so fast? Steve Mastin
22 Meanwhile, in England
Henry VIII breaks with Rome Christine Counsell
23 Meanwhile, in Poland
Nicolas Copernicus studies the beauty of the heavens Christine Counsell
24 Sofonisba Anguissola studies the beauty of the Earth
What shaped the art of a Renaissance painter? Paula Worth
25 Reformation and rebellion in an English village
What changed in the village of Morebath between 1520 and 1574? Steve Mastin
26 Meanwhile, in the Tudor court
The story of Mary Tudor, Queen of England Will Bailey-Watson
Part 6 Silver and gold
27 The Inkas
How do historians use sources to study the Inkas? Paula Worth
28 Elizabethan worlds
What connected Elizabeth and the Elizabethans to wider worlds? Kerry Apps
29 Meanwhile, in the National Archives
Uncovering the lives of African Tudors Hannah Cusworth
30 Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean
Travelling through connected worlds Nicolas Kinloch
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