Abraham Lincoln: The Practical Mystic

Abraham Lincoln: The Practical Mystic

By Francis Grierson
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The Practical Mysticism of Abraham Lincoln
  • The Divine Will
  • The Mystical Awakening
  • The Agnostic and the Mystic
  • The Logic of the Supernatural
  • The Mystical Mood
  • "Going into the Silence"
  • Invisible Powers
  • The Fusion of Spirit and Matter
  • His Miraculous Progress
  • A Prophetic Witness
  • Lincoln's Simplicity
  • Lincoln's Clairvoyant Wit
  • A Prophetic Vision of Hades
  • Shakespeare and Lincoln
  • A Prophecy Fulfilled
  • The Ordinances of Heaven
  • Lincoln's Face
  • The Great Debate
  • Forecasting and Premonitions
  • Illumination of the Spirit
  • Tycho Brahe and Lincoln
  • Herndon's Analysis and Testimony
  • An Original Mind
  • The Great Books
  • Veneration and Truth
  • The Great Puzzle
  • Lincoln's Energy and Will
  • Nature and Prophecy
  • The Seal of Nature
  • Law and Authority
  • Lincoln as Critic
  • His Style
  • Lincoln's Serenity
  • The Romance of His Character
  • President by the Grace of God
  • Science and the Mystical
  • The Old and the New
  • Destiny versus Will
  • James Jacquess Practical Mystic
  • Images and Dreams
  • The New Era
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